$20M BetFury Cryptodrop Launch | The Best Telegram Game for Real BFG Earn

BetFury is an established and trusted ecosystem with various crypto-earning features.

The BetFury crypto ecosystem announced a great Cryptodrop. The prize pool of $20,000,000 will be distributed from the end of Q3 to the beginning of Q4. This event opened up opportunities for many crypto enthusiasts to receive real crypto by completing thrilling tasks. The Cryptodrop pool consists of top-tier crypto and BFG tokens, which have strengthened their position after burning 33% of the total supply and locking 48% of circulation. Would you like to get such a promising currency like BFG? Then read on!


About the Cryptodrop  

Cryptodrop is the distribution of certain tokens to users for completing specific tasks. Recently, many projects like Notcoin, Blum, Hamster Kombat, and Catizen have gained splendid popularity due to their drops. BetFury Cryptodrop completely differs from the rest because it provides gaining crypto that already has a high value in the market. At the same time, all BetFury Cryptodrop mechanics will be familiar to you. The more points you collect – the more crypto you will make.

5 Reasons Why You Should Join BetFury Cryptodrop

  • Impressive prize pool of $20,000,000;
  • Rewards in real crypto and the valuable BFG token;
  • Transparent drop duration (Q3 – Q4, 2024);
  • Easy-to-join mechanics via Telegram and a user-friendly interface;
  • The profitable free crypto pool and interactive Fury Game.

Besides, BetFury Cryptodrop is a unique opportunity to receive real crypto during the event. Due to this campaign, beginners will smoothly enter the crypto industry, and experienced users will see this project from another angle.

Is It Real for Project to Allocate $20 Million? 

BetFury Cryptodrop consists of crypto, which the project has accumulated over a certain period, and 350,000,000 BFG, which is transferred from the Community wallet allocated by the team. Thus, every active Cryptodrop participant has a high chance of earning high-value currencies like USDT, ETH, BTC, and BFG. 

Since the project has been developing in the industry for over four years, it can afford the Cryptodrop with the $20 million pool. Moreover, BetFury has located this round amount on a public address for total transparency.

About the Growing BFG token

BetFury’s Cryptodrop is also an investment in the future prosperity of its native token. BFG has already demonstrated rapid price growth – by 40+% over the last month, according to CoinMarketCap statistics. It’s explained by upgrading a deflationary strategy, which provides for BFG buybacks, locks, monthly burnings, and permanent support for active holders. In addition to transferring 100% of revenue from iGaming activities and crypto functionality to BFG utilities, the BetFury team locked up one billion BFG for 4.8 years. These moves demonstrate the platform’s strong desire to evolve its product and the native token.

How to Join the Real Drop by BetFury?

To take part in the BetFury Cryptodrop, the user must go through a few simple steps:

  1. Launch BetFury Cryptodrop Bot on Telegram.
  2. Create a Cryptodrop account via this Bot.
  3. Read a short Cryptodrop overview.
  4. Launch the BetFury Bot and create/connect a BetFury account. This step is necessary to obtain rewards at the end of the event.

After completing these steps, the user becomes an official participant of the Cryptodrop. Let’s review the main activities that can earn you points. Remember, the more points you accumulate, the higher your chances of winning the grand crypto prize.

BFG Farm – Earn Free Crypto

BFG Farm is a unique feature that allows users to earn free crypto. Users can get up to 96,000 BFG daily depending on the BFG Farm level. These levels can be upgraded by collecting Wager points. Before withdrawing the reward, it can be randomly increased to x1000. To claim crypto, invite two or more friends and connect your Twitter account for daily shares.

Play Fury Game – Get USDT, BFG & Game Points 

This 2D runner is the best entertainment for earning real crypto with gameplay that sets it apart from ordinary tap games. Playing as a raccoon, the user can collect USDT, BFG, game points, and energy recovery badges The duration of each round in Fury Game is determined by energy that can be pumped up, increasing game levels.

Collect Plenty of Points in Quests

Quests are tasks of several types for collecting various points. They are similar to Notcoin Quests but offer more opportunities due to the extensive platform functionality. There are currently four types of Quests:

  • Gaming Quests: play Original games and Slots, bet on Sports, and open Lootboxes to get Wager points.
  • Earn Quests: join Crypto Staking and take Crypto Loans. Collect Earn points for subscribing to Flexible, Fixed-Term, Boosted Fixed-Term Staking and paying interest for borrowing.
  • Trading Quests: trade Futures and swap crypto to receive Trading points.
  • Social Quests: complete different tasks on BetFury social networks to obtain Social points.

Cryptodrop Wheels – Win Up to 1 Million BFG

Collecting points opens up more possibilities than you think. The user can spin beneficial Wheels by receiving a certain amount of points from different categories. The Social Wheel is activated after collecting 9,000 Social and Referral points in total. BetFury Wheel is activated after collecting 3,000 Wager, Earn, or Trading points in total. These Wheels bring more points and real currency up to 100,000 BFG. The Social Wheel is a one-time use, while the BetFury Wheel can be spun an unlimited number of times. The tenth spin of BetFury Wheels becomes a Super Spin and increases all rewards and the main prize – up to 1,000,000 BFG!

Refer Friends For Additional Profit

There’s a special Referral Program during the Cryptodrop. According to this system, users will get rewards for their referrals’ activity:

  • 1,000 Referral points for each invited friend;
  • 3% of crypto earned by user’s referrals in the BFG Farm;
  • 15% for all points received by user’s referrals.

The user who joins Cryptodrop via your referral link will also receive 1,000 Referral points. Hence, the Cryptodrop Referral Program is profitable for both sides.


BetFury Cryptodrop is one of the most large-scale crypto events. It combines a fun vibe and unique mechanics for earning real money, such as Fury Game. The growing value of the BFG token and the team’s ongoing development efforts are compelling reasons to join the BetFury Cryptodrop. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned crypto whale, there’s something for everyone. Participate, collect points, and share in the $ 20,000,000 pool. The more active you are, the more real crypto you can claim!

About BetFury

BetFury is an established and trusted ecosystem with various crypto-earning features. For over five years on the market, the platform has reached impressive results:

  • Over 2.3М of the global community worldwide;
  • $7.6В total wager and $48.9M bonuses paid;
  • More than $122.5M of staking payouts.

BetFury offers a fast crypto swap with low fees, trading Futures with a unique FuryWaves randomizer tool, and NFT Lootboxes. Moreover, the platform has multiple staking options: Crypto Staking with up to 60% APR for top-tier crypto and BFG Staking for daily passive income in BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB, and TRX. You can access all these features directly on the BetFury website or use its Telegram Bot for faster platform access and boosted rewards.