$80 million player urged to reject Liverpool and stay at Chelsea

Chelsea have been urged to hold on to Mason Mount and build their team around him.

Stevie Nicol, a Liverpool legend, has advised Chelsea’s Mason Mount, who is being targeted by Liverpool for a transfer, to sign a new contract with his current club. Nicol believes that Chelsea should retain Mount and build the team around him.

Mason Mount, the 24-year-old midfielder, is struggling with contract negotiations at Stamford Bridge, prompting interest from clubs like Liverpool. Mount’s playing style and off-ball performance align well with Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp’s requirements.

As they are in need of midfielders this summer, Liverpool is closely watching Mount’s situation. However, former player Michael Owen has issued a warning to the club.

Despite Chelsea’s current turmoil, Nicol advises Mount to commit to his club by signing a new contract. Speaking to ESPN, he said, “He would be one that I would keep. He certainly has to sign a new contract. Otherwise, he won’t be at Stamford Bridge.

“There will be plenty of teams in for him. So, I would suggest that one of the first things they do is to get him signed and sealed.”

Nicol sees Mount and Reece James as the type of players that a team should be built around. He emphasizes the importance of securing Mount’s commitment to the club.

Next season, Chelsea will not participate in any European competitions, and several top players will only play in the Premier League. Although Chelsea is Mount’s childhood club, he must consider his professional future.

If another team competing in the Champions League expresses interest in Mount, his response will be telling.

It remains to be seen whether Mount will choose to continue his career at Chelsea or explore opportunities with clubs participating in higher-level competitions.

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