After FAA issue, more delays are anticipated for US flights

It comes after an issue with the system that warns pilots of potential dangers along flight paths.

After flights were suspended, normal air traffic operations are gradually returning to the US, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Although more delays are anticipated owing to a backlog of flights, the FAA had previously stated that planes would start to take off again by 0900 ET (1400 GMT).

From Denver to Atlanta to New York City, airports all throughout the country were impacted.

More than 6,700 flights into and out of the US were delayed as of Wednesday morning (east coast time), and more than 1,000 planes were cancelled.

Airlines are having trouble getting flights in and out of packed gates, which is adding to the already lengthy delays.

The FAA malfunction has been discussed with US President Joe Biden, and the White House stated that “at this point” there is no proof of a cyberattack.

The FAA “expect [that] in a couple of hours they’ll have a good sense of what caused it, and we’ll respond at that time” the president said in a statement to reporters.

The White House Press Secretary said in a tweet that the president had requested a “complete investigation.”

The FAA said that the Notice to Air Missions System was the problem’s root cause.

The system informs pilots “about closed runways, equipment outages, and other potential dangers along a flight route or at a site that could disrupt the flight,” according to the FAA.

Major US airlines declared that they were carefully observing the situation.

Major US airlines declared that they were carefully observing the situation. The largest airline in North America, American Airlines, announced that it was collaborating with the FAA to minimise customer disturbance.

Customers who reschedule flights departing on or before January 16, 2023, according to United Airlines, are exempt from change fees and any pricing difference.

During this morning’s FAA ground stop for all carriers, Delta said it was “safely focused on managing our business,” adding that it will give updates as soon as possible.

For passengers travelling from the UK, Virgin Atlantic and British Airways both stated that their schedules for flights to and from the US would continue to be followed. 

The airline did warn that delays might affect some US routes.

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