Alex Crook Praises McTominay’s Dedication to Man Utd

He highlighted McTominay's "heart and desire" as integral qualities to represent the prestigious club.

Alex Crook, in a recent conversation on talkSPORT, expressed his admiration for Manchester United’s Scott McTominay.

He highlighted McTominay’s “heart and desire” as integral qualities to represent the prestigious club.

Emphasizing McTominay’s deep-rooted connection with the club, Crook pointed out that the midfielder has been associated with Manchester United since 2002, starting from the under-fives development centre.

This long association, according to Crook, has ingrained in McTominay a clear understanding of what the club represents.

In contrast, Crook drew attention to some “high-profile” players, suggesting they might benefit from adopting McTominay’s commendable attitude towards the game.

Specifically, he was critical of Casemiro’s performance this season, describing it as “dreadful.”

He further opined that both Casemiro and Marcus Rashford should be benched in the upcoming match. Crook clarified, however, that his critique wasn’t directed at their skills but rather their attitudes.

In Crook’s perspective, while McTominay might not match some of the more renowned players in sheer talent, his exceptional attitude often compensates for it, making him stand out and potentially serving as a model for others.

At present, Manchester United holds the 10th position in the Premier League with an equal split of four wins and four losses from their opening eight matches, summing up to 12 points.

The recent league performance, coupled with setbacks in the Champions League, has caused some anxiety among the fanbase.

Looking ahead, after the international break, Manchester United will clash with Sheffield United at Bramhall Lane.

This presents an opportune moment for the team to secure consecutive Premier League victories for the first time this season.