Alternative Ways of Investing Capital for Novice Investors: Dmytro Lokshyn’s Recommendations and Experience

Dmytro Lokshyn has been gaining experience working in startups in various fields for more than 8 years.

Starting from 2014, the alternative investment sector has grown rapidly in terms of diverse asset types, platforms, and user profiles. More and more often, this segment is becoming part of the overall investment strategy of beginner and experienced investors. Dmytro Lokshyn is an investment expert shared his thoughts about the main advantages of this type of investment.

Over the past 7 years, new FinTech platforms have democratized access to retail and middle income investors via fractional ownership. Dmytro Lokshyn also participated personally in the process of democratizing access to alternative investments when he created the Investables platform for investing in physical assets.

Unlike traditional assets such as stocks, bonds, or cash, alternative real asset investments provide stable long-term returns, which are based on the asset’s value. According to Dmytro Lokshyn, in the near future the popularity of this type of investment will continue to grow, at least until 2028.

Where Can One Invest To: Types of Alternative Investments

  • Art. The global art market reached $65.1 billion in 2021.
  • Wine, especially Burgundy, is showing steady growth with 24.6% annual revenue.
  • Rare watches, fashion objects, and jewelry have demonstrated steady growth, which is based on rarity, branding, unique designs, and celebrity connections.
  • Retro cars. Despite not being a priority, vintage cars (pre-1980) can be a profitable business with market value more than tripling in recent years.

Such a huge diversity of alternative investments provides investors with unique opportunities for long-term growth and diversification.

What You Need To Start Investing:

  • Education. Understanding the basics and characteristics of every type of alternative investment will help you make more well-thought decisions.
  • Cooperation with experts. This step follows from the previous one. Instead of diving into a new niche on your own, you can seek advice from experts. Working with professionals with vast experience in alternative investments can help minimize risks and maximize potential benefit.
  • Market research. Any investment requires in-depth market research. Understanding current trends and prospects will help you select suitable investment opportunities.
  • Long-term perspective. You should not expect lightning-fast results from alternative investments. Some assets may take time to grow and develop.

Alternative investing is a rich and attractive market that anyone can explore. Dmytro Lokshyn is the one who has no doubts in this statement. His primary task today is to increase the accessibility and understanding of this financial sector among novice investors.

Key Details About the Expert:

Dmytro Lokshyn was born in Ukraine, but emigrated to Germany as a child. Having gone through a difficult path, he was able to develop unique qualities and build a successful career.

Dmytro Lokshyn has been gaining experience working in startups in various fields for more than 8 years. He has held key positions in numerous companies, including as Head of Software Development at Hyprr, Marketing Director at the UK based AI startup and Chief Product Officer at Changeblock.

Dmytro was also the CEO of Investables, an innovative platform for investing in physical assets with expert management. As soon as Investables became a part of Stockpile Inc., Dmytro took the position of Product Leader in Alternative Investments, working on product initiatives and managing the Martech stack for a Series B company with total funding of over $45 million.