Andrew Tate suspected ‘someone wanted to hurt him’

The head of security for Andrew Tate told the BBC that his employer might be "a little bit paranoid."

Andrew Tate suspected “someone wanted to hurt him,” according to Bogdan Stancu, a former special forces man who worked with him and his brother for a number of years.

However, he claimed that it was unclear from where Mr. Tate considered the threat to be coming.

The news comes as Romanian police, who raided other Mr. Tate properties over the weekend, revealed they are extending their probe into the social media influencer who has been charged with rape, human trafficking, and leading a criminal gang.

At his Romanian ranch, the former kickboxing champion never displayed aggressive behaviour, according to Mr. Stancu, who also claims he was never requested to prevent anyone from leaving the property.

He acknowledged that there were times when he was ordered to forcefully remove some women because they were “too inebriated” or “creating difficulties,” but he insisted that he never used force.

When asked why he seemed to never doubt Mr. Tate while doubting the ladies who had accused his boss, he responded, “I never doubt Andrew.”

But he added that it was appropriate for the authorities to conduct an investigation, and if the Tate brothers were finally charged and found guilty, they should be made to pay for their crimes.

This investigation’s main focus is on Andrew Tate’s source of income.

Police are investigating if he used promises of a committed relationship or marriage to entice women to Romania before coercing or coercing them into working as models for him in pornographic chat rooms.

In addition, they are investigating rape claims made by one of the witnesses.

According to Mr. Stancu, the majority of the women who spent time with the Tate brothers in their complex were under 25 and Andrew Tate covered their expenditures.

This case, involving a controversial, well-known individual with dual citizenship between the United States and the United Kingdom, has renewed attention on how Romania responds to accusations of organised crime and sexual exploitation.

Less than two weeks remain for police to either charge the Tate brothers or gather sufficient proof to keep them in custody while the investigation is ongoing.

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