Andrew Tate’s bodyguard makes big claim about women who entered his compound

Bogdan Stancu claimed in a BBC interview that since he started working at Mr. Tate's compound in Bucharest two years ago, more than 100 women have passed through.

Despite a police investigation into allegations of sexual assault and exploitation against Andrew Tate, Bogdan Stancu, the head of security for the notorious influencer has offered a dismissive assessment of the women who surrounded him. 

Tate disputes each and every charge.

The ex-police intelligence officer claimed that although he was occasionally asked to forcefully remove ladies from the Tate residence because they were “too inebriated” or “creating disturbances,” no force was ever used.

In Romania, authorities are currently holding Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan for 30 days as they look into rape and trafficking-related claims.

The story has drawn attention to the attitudes and treatment of women in their Bucharest household.

According to Mr. Stancu, his boss’s public demeanour is the complete opposite of who he really is. 

However, his opinions regarding the girlfriends, models, and other women in the Tate house are open-book.

He claimed that Andrew Tate covered the expenses of the majority of the women that visited the brothers in their complex and who were under the age of 25.

“Some of the girls misunderstood the reality and believed [they would] be his next wife,” Mr Stancu said.

“When they realised the reality, it’s easy to transform from a friend into an enemy, and make a statement to the police.”

Bogdan Stancu’s lack of trust in the women accusing Andrew Tate contrasts sharply with his allegiance to his boss.

He said, “I never question Andrew.”

Additionally, his justification for disbelieving the testimony of Mr. Tate’s accusers is equally startling coming from one of the millionaire’s most senior employees.

“They are young and foolish,” he declared.

But, he continued, it was proper for the police to look into these serious accusations, and if the Tate brothers were ultimately charged and found guilty, they should be held accountable.

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