Ankara Shaken by Terrorist Bombing As Two Police Officers Wounded

Revealed through CCTV footage acquired by Reuters, a vehicle approached the main gate of the Interior Ministry.

On a fateful Sunday in Ankara, a harrowing incident unfolded, shattering the city’s relative calm.

Two assailants orchestrated a bomb attack in front of key Turkish government buildings, a stark reminder of the persistent threat of terrorism.

The detonation resulted in the tragic demise of both attackers and left two valiant police officers wounded, marking the capital’s first terrorist attack in several years.

Revealed through CCTV footage acquired by Reuters, a vehicle approached the main gate of the Interior Ministry.

One of its occupants swiftly advanced towards the building, only to be engulfed by a devastating explosion.

The other assailant remained on the street. Tragically, one terrorist perished in the blast, while authorities swiftly neutralized the second, thus quelling the immediate threat.

This shocking incident sent shockwaves through the central district, home to vital ministerial buildings and the nearby parliament.

Addressing the nation during the commencement of a new parliamentary session, President Tayyip Erdogan denounced the morning’s attack as “the latest attempt” to instill fear among the Turkish populace.

He affirmed that those who seek to undermine the peace and security of the citizenry would ultimately fail in their endeavors.

The explosion on Ataturk Boulevard marked the first such incident in Ankara since 2016 when a series of deadly attacks rocked the nation.

Subsequent video footage depicted a Renault cargo vehicle, its windows shattered and doors flung open, amid the debris.

The scene was surrounded by soldiers, ambulances, fire trucks, and armored vehicles, portraying the scale of the emergency response.

According to a senior Turkish official, the attackers had hijacked the vehicle and killed its driver in Kayseri, a city located 260 kilometers southeast of Ankara, before executing the attack.

One of the wounded officers sustained shrapnel injuries.

Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya confirmed the details on social media, noting that the two officers had suffered minor injuries in the 9:30 a.m. incident.

He vowed that the relentless struggle against terrorism would persist until the last terrorist threat was neutralized.

Although the authorities did not specify any particular militant group responsible, the incident served as a grim reminder of previous attacks attributed to Kurdish militants, ISIS, and other extremist groups in the country.

Ankara’s chief prosecutor promptly launched an investigation, categorizing the event as a terrorist attack.

The incident occurred nearly a year after a tragic explosion in central Istanbul claimed six lives and left 81 others wounded, with Turkey attributing the attack to Kurdish militants.

Despite this turmoil, Turkey’s parliament was poised to consider Sweden’s bid to join NATO in the coming weeks.

President Erdogan emphasized the importance of adopting a new constitution during the new session, underlining the nation’s commitment to its legislative agenda despite the specter of terror.

European Council President Charles Michel and EU Commissioner for Enlargement Oliver Varhelyi voiced their strong condemnation of the terrorist attack, pledging support for Turkey’s unwavering battle against terrorism.

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