Arsenal Manager Mikel Arteta Breaks Silence On Kai Havertz Signing

Typically, Arteta refrains from speaking about players from other clubs, but in an interview with Marca, he shed light on Arsenal's latest addition.

In a surprising turn of events, Mikel Arteta, the manager of Arsenal Football Club, has broken his transfer rule by openly discussing the potential acquisition of Kai Havertz.

While Arsenal has yet to officially announce the arrival of the talented player, Arteta’s remarks have effectively confirmed the deal.

Typically, Arteta refrains from speaking about players from other clubs, but in an interview with Marca, he shed light on Arsenal’s latest addition.

Sources close to have revealed that Arsenal agreed to a substantial package of £60 million plus an additional £5 million in add-ons to secure Havertz’s signature.

This figure has generated mixed reactions among supporters, with even some Chelsea fans celebrating his departure.

Despite the controversy surrounding the price tag, Arteta defended the club’s serious investment.

He further explained the rationale behind agreeing to such a figure with their west London rivals, especially considering Havertz’s recent dip in form during his time at Chelsea.

Arteta stated, “Talent comes at a price, and at Arsenal, we are always interested in youngsters with experience.

I repeat, I’m not talking about players from other clubs, but in the case of Kai, he has already shown a lot, including a Champions League appearance.

He is a talented player, versatile, and only 24 years old.”

Havertz is expected to undergo a medical examination over the weekend, according to sources.

The official announcement of the transfer is set to take place next week, during which the player will fulfill media obligations and share his thoughts on the move to the capital.

Undoubtedly, Arteta’s decision to sign a player of Havertz’s caliber is justified.

While there may be doubts regarding his contributions to the team, his outstanding performances during his time at Bayer Leverkusen attest to his immense potential.

Arteta also highlighted Havertz’s goal in the Champions League final, emphasizing the importance of having players who excel on big occasions.

Arsenal has previously acquired talents like Gabriel Jesus and Oleksandr Zinchenko from Manchester City, and the manager elaborated on this particular market strategy.

When questioned about Arsenal’s focus on City’s players, Arteta explained, “It’s simple: they are very good. I know them well, having trained them for four years. Gabriel Jesus and Zinchenko impressed me not only with their talent but also with their character and mentality.”

Although Arsenal made an offer for Ilkay Gundogan, it appears that the German international is destined for a free transfer to Barcelona.

In the meantime, the imminent arrival of Havertz has generated significant excitement among fans, despite the associated risks and concerns.

In Arteta’s eyes, the acquisition of a player like Havertz, with his potential and track record, is a move worth making.

Arsenal is demonstrating its ambition and desire to compete at the highest level, and the upcoming arrival of Havertz adds to the growing anticipation surrounding the club’s future.

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