Arsenal Urged Not To Sell Emile Smith Rowe To Chelsea

Manager Mikel Arteta favored players like Martin Odegaard, Granit Xhaka, and Fabio Vieira, even when Smith Rowe was fit.

Recently, Emile Smith Rowe, a rising star of Arsenal, was hailed as one of the most promising young talents in the Premier League.

A product of the Hale End academy, his reputation was on par with that of his teammate Bukayo Saka.

His exceptional performance during the 2021/22 season, where he scored an impressive 10 goals in the league, solidified his position as a standout player.

However, his trajectory took an unexpected turn as the 23-year-old encountered injury woes and faced limited opportunities in the last season.

Manager Mikel Arteta favored players like Martin Odegaard, Granit Xhaka, and Fabio Vieira, even when Smith Rowe was fit.

The ongoing season hasn’t brought a significant change for Smith Rowe.

Despite an eye-catching display in the Community Shield, he has not found a spot on the field in the first three matches.

Rumors have emerged indicating Chelsea’s interest in acquiring this gifted playmaker before the impending closure of the summer transfer window.

While it seems improbable for Smith Rowe to depart from his long-standing club in North London, the situation remains uncertain.

Arsenal’s official stance leans towards retaining him, a sentiment reciprocated by the player himself.

His aspiration to succeed at the club he has been a part of since he was just 10 years old is a significant factor in this equation.

Former footballer Jamie Carragher’s past remarks shed light on why it’s crucial for Arteta to keep hold of this English international.

Carragher pinpointed Smith Rowe’s potential lack of goals as the only area that needed enhancement in his game.

In October 2021, Carragher acknowledged Smith Rowe’s remarkable abilities, particularly his speed, control, and adaptability on the field.

Carragher praised his capability to swiftly navigate the pitch with the ball, emphasizing his balance and control even at high speeds.

Carragher recognized that Smith Rowe’s proficiency in using both feet and his composed demeanor during ball possession were qualities that set him apart.

He underlined the significance of adding goal-scoring prowess to Smith Rowe’s repertoire, asserting that if achieved, it would elevate him to a star level.

Carragher’s assessment reflected the abundance of talent in attacking positions within English football and positioned Smith Rowe among the exceptional players contributing to this pool.

In sum, Emile Smith Rowe’s journey from a celebrated young talent to a pivotal player at Arsenal has encountered hurdles.

Despite the recent setbacks and transfer speculations, his connection with the club and his potential, as highlighted by Jamie Carragher, emphasize the value of nurturing and retaining his talents within the Arsenal lineup.

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