Arsenal’s Premier League Clash with Everton Rescheduled

This alteration was prompted by Newcastle United's shift of their home game against Brentford, moving it a day earlier.

Arsenal’s scheduled Premier League match against Everton later this month has been rescheduled by the club to take place on Sunday, September 17th, according to an official announcement.

Initially slated for Saturday, September 16th at 5.30pm, the fixture has undergone a change in its timing.

This alteration was prompted by Newcastle United’s shift of their home game against Brentford, moving it a day earlier.

The reason behind this change is Newcastle’s impending Champions League campaign kickoff set for the following Tuesday.

Eddie Howe’s team is set to face AC Milan in Italy on Tuesday, September 19th at 5.45pm, necessitating their preceding Premier League match to be played on Saturday, providing ample time for recovery.

Arsenal’s own Champions League journey kicks off on Wednesday, September 20th, with a home match against PSV Eindhoven.

Therefore, their return to domestic action after the upcoming international break has now been moved to Sunday instead of Saturday.

Interestingly, both Arsenal and Newcastle have been drawn into the same Champions League group stage, resulting in them having distinct match days.

The decision to reschedule the fixture at Goodison Park has sparked dissatisfaction among supporters.

Criticisms have been directed towards Sky Sports and the Premier League for the relatively short two-week notice given to fans for adjusting their plans.

Some have also questioned the rationale behind selecting games involving clubs participating in European competitions for television coverage without accounting for future logistical arrangements.

Additionally, a fixture involving Arsenal that is destined to be rescheduled down the line is the encounter with Brighton & Hove Albion in December.

The original timing of this game is set for 3pm on the 16th. However, due to Brighton’s involvement in the Europa League, their visit to north London is anticipated to be pushed back by a day.

In summary, Arsenal’s Premier League match against Everton has been moved to Sunday, September 17th, from its initial schedule on Saturday, September 16th.

The rescheduling has garnered criticism from fans for the short notice period provided, raising questions about the selection of televised games involving European competition teams without considering future implications.

Arsenal’s Champions League campaign and the situation with Newcastle also contribute to these adjustments in the football calendar.

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