AS Roma vs Empoli F.C. Lineups

As the AS Roma and Empoli FC lineups are unveiled, anticipation builds for an exhilarating clash between two footballing titans.

a.s. roma vs empoli f.c. lineups

The AS Roma vs Empoli F.C. Lineups are key to how this exciting Serie A fixture plays out.

Football enthusiasts around the globe eagerly anticipate the showdown between AS Roma and Empoli FC, two formidable teams known for their passion, skill, and strategic gameplay. As the players take to the pitch, the anticipation reaches a fever pitch, with fans eagerly awaiting the unveiling of the lineups that will dictate the course of the match.

AS Roma Lineup

Goalkeeper: Pau López

AS Roma’s defensive stronghold begins with Pau López guarding the net. Known for his quick reflexes and commanding presence, López is a formidable obstacle for any opposing team.


  1. Right-back: Rick Karsdorp
  2. Center-back: Gianluca Mancini
  3. Center-back: Chris Smalling
  4. Left-back: Leonardo Spinazzola

The defensive quartet of Karsdorp, Mancini, Smalling, and Spinazzola forms a solid wall against Empoli’s offensive maneuvers. With their combined experience and tactical prowess, they aim to thwart any attempts to breach AS Roma’s defensive lines.


  1. Defensive midfielder: Jordan Veretout
  2. Central midfielder: Bryan Cristante
  3. Attacking midfielder: Nicolò Zaniolo

Veretout, Cristante, and Zaniolo control the midfield, dictating the pace of the game and orchestrating AS Roma’s attacks. Their versatility and skill make them key players in both offensive and defensive phases of play.


  1. Right-wing: Stephan El Shaarawy
  2. Striker: Tammy Abraham
  3. Left-wing: Lorenzo Pellegrini

El Shaarawy, Abraham, and Pellegrini lead AS Roma’s offensive charge, utilizing their speed, creativity, and goal-scoring abilities to keep Empoli’s defense on high alert throughout the match.

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Empoli FC Lineup

Goalkeeper: Guglielmo Vicario

Empoli’s defensive line is anchored by Vicario, whose agility and shot-stopping prowess make him a formidable last line of defense against AS Roma’s attacking onslaught.


  1. Right-back: Federico Barba
  2. Center-back: Kōki Machida
  3. Center-back: Riccardo Marchizza
  4. Left-back: Luca Antonini

Barba, Machida, Marchizza, and Antonini form Empoli’s defensive barrier, aiming to nullify AS Roma’s attacking threats and launch counter-attacks of their own.


  1. Defensive midfielder: Samuele Ricci
  2. Central midfielder: Leo Štulac
  3. Attacking midfielder: Nicolas Haas

Ricci, Štulac, and Haas command Empoli’s midfield, working tirelessly to regain possession, distribute the ball efficiently, and create scoring opportunities for their teammates.


  1. Right-wing: Nedim Bajrami
  2. Striker: Leonardo Mancuso
  3. Left-wing: Andrea Pinamonti

Bajrami, Mancuso, and Pinamonti spearhead Empoli’s attacking endeavors, utilizing their speed, skill, and goal-scoring instincts to penetrate AS Roma’s defense and find the back of the net.


As the AS Roma and Empoli FC lineups are unveiled, anticipation builds for an exhilarating clash between two footballing titans. With each team boasting a formidable array of talent across all areas of the pitch, fans can expect a match filled with drama, excitement, and moments of brilliance. Whether it’s AS Roma’s attacking flair or Empoli’s resolute defense, the stage is set for a spectacle that will captivate football enthusiasts worldwide.