Become a Sales Manager at E-PR Online: Reap 10 Benefits of Working for a Forward-Thinking Digital Brand

E-PR Online is led by CEO Irina Proskurina – a seasoned PR pro, media expert, and multi-niche entrepreneur with an impressive professional network.

E-PR Online is more than a PR agency. We are a company that provides innovative, scalable, and affordable PR services to people and brands that want to leave a real mark in their industry. Our philosophy rests on the values of transparency, result-oriented performance, and a personalized approach. With an extensive media catalog of 15,000+ media in 100+ countries, we strive to provide every client with a tailored PR strategy that will foster brand awareness, positive reputation, and sales growth.

E-PR Online is led by CEO Irina Proskurina – a seasoned PR pro, media expert, and multi-niche entrepreneur with an impressive professional network. Over the years, Irina has grown E-PR Online from a small agency to a global force in the PR industry by leveraging her expertise to cultivate a culture of innovation, excellence, and client-centricity. Under her leadership, the company has expanded its reach and influence in the American digital PR landscape.

We are currently expanding our sales team and looking for talented and ambitious sales managers to join E-PR Online. It’s a great chance to become part of a dynamic department where your expertise and drive will contribute to our mission of empowering brands to achieve visibility and success through media exposure.

We care about our employees and want to put them in the best position to succeed. That’s why we offer our sales managers a wide range of benefits and incentives:

  1. Work online from anywhere you want. Forget about painstakingly long commutes or having to spend extra money on lunching in expensive downtown restaurants. You can work from the comfort of your own home, a cozy coworking space, or any other place of your choice.
  2. Choose from a variety of working languages. We hire sales managers from all over the world and see their native language knowledge as an important asset. Since our clients come from different countries, you can leverage your language skills and connect with those customers whose language you speak proficiently, be it English, Polish, or Arabic – the list goes on and on.
  3. Receive your compensation in US dollars. We pay salaries in US dollars, a strong international currency that offers stability and ease for our global team of sales managers. By receiving compensation in US dollars, our sales managers can avoid currency fluctuations, ensuring a consistent and reliable income regardless of their location.
  4. Earn without limits. We don’t have a capped commission structure. It means that your salary is only limited by your sales performance. The more you sell, the higher your income will be. Some of our sales managers consistently earn over $10,000 a month.
  5. Be part of a young team of talented experts. Our sales reps are driven individuals committed to achieving excellence in their field. At E-PR Online, we prioritize skill development and offer quality employee training programs designed to enhance your sales skills and keep you updated with industry trends. We also believe in fostering constant communication with our CEO, Irina Proskurina, to provide you with valuable insights, mentorship, and a supportive environment where your ideas and contributions are valued and encouraged.
  6. Work with a unique global service. E-PR Online is a one-of-a-kind brand that revolutionizes PR services through its expansive global reach and innovative approach. We pride ourselves on offering strong PR strategies and solutions that connect clients worldwide with their target audiences. By joining our team, you become an integral part of a pioneering force that drives impactful change in the PR industry.
  7. Leverage modern technology in your working processes. We empower our team to leverage cutting-edge technology in their daily workflows. Our advanced digital tools and platforms streamline processes, allowing for efficient communication, swift collaboration, and optimized productivity via automation. From using CRM software for client management to harnessing data analytics tools for insights, we embrace modern technology to improve our sales strategies and provide best-in-class PR solutions to our global clientele.
  8. Grow and advance within the company. At E-PR Online, you won’t get stuck in one position for years if you are ready to put in the work and grow as a professional. You can start as a sales manager, move on to become a team leader, and progress further to take on higher managerial roles. You can also explore other specialized areas within our dynamic agency if you see you’ll fit better in other departments.
  9. Get a chance to become a shareholder. Experienced employees who bring value and profits to E-PR Online have the possibility to obtain a share in the company. At the moment, the company’s valuation stands at $5 million. It is projected to reach $15-20 million in the near future. It means that as a potential shareholder, you can see your income grow together with the company.
  10. Get assistance with obtaining a US working permit or Green Card. If you want to come and work in our New York office as a foreigner, we have a professional legal team to help you process all the necessary paperwork and obtain the necessary permits. It is a complex process that may take a long time, but we are willing to assist you every step of the way.

All these benefits are not just loud words: this is a reflection of our commitment to creating a thriving, supportive, and innovative work environment where we value every team member’s contributions and prioritize their career growth. If you want to experience all these perks first-hand and are ready to work hard as an ambitious sales professional, please get in touch with us! We will make sure that your talent and skills will find the perfect platform to thrive and make a real impact in the world of digital PR.