Beyond Borders: AP Companies Redefines Medical Assistance with Global Expertise

At the core of AP Companies' success is its extensive global network of medical facilities, including clinics, hospitals, specialists, pharmacies, and more.

AP Companies, a leading global medical service provider specializing in Third Party Administration (TPA) and cost optimization, announces a strategic plan for global expansion. This underscores our commitment to worldwide service and marks a significant advancement in cost containment through extensive coverage, technological advancements, and enhanced economic effectiveness.

Speaking about the company’s evolution, Liana Absaliamova, Managing Partner at AP Companies, commented, “In our 27-year journey, we’ve transformed from a local entity to a global presence, serving clients across continents. Through diligent market analysis, the establishment of an extensive network of medical providers, and the development of advanced IT systems, we are now  well-equipped and provide our services globally to leading insurance companies, cruise lines, shipping corporations, travel insurance firms, and airlines.”

Global Presence and Services

At the core of AP Companies’ success is its extensive global network of medical facilities, including clinics, hospitals, specialists, pharmacies, and more. With over 80,000 contracts worldwide, our clients can save up to 50% on treatment costs. In the USA, we offer exceptional savings of up to 85% annually.  Thanks to our understanding of local medical systems, automated cost containment, volume discounts, and expertise, we are able to provide tailored flexible global solutions to our clients. 

Whether it’s arranging for routine medical check-ups or coordinating emergency medical care, our global network and cost-effective solutions ensure that our clients receive the best possible healthcare while minimizing costs.

Multicultural Team of Experts

AP Companies’ team is diverse and global, operating 24/7 and speaking 24 languages. We attract top talent by embracing remote work, allowing us to access skills from around the world.

In essence, our team’s diversity and ability to work remotely are key strengths that enable us to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and deliver the best possible service to our clients, wherever they may be.

Advanced Technology and Efficiency

Using advanced technology, AP Companies manages over 500,000 medical cases each year. Our in-house CRM system and automated processes ensure efficient cost containment for our clients. In response to the pandemic, we’ve introduced services like telemedicine and mental health solutions, catering to changing needs. We also offer medical chest provisions for vessels, concierge services and other flexible solutions. Moreover, our medical concierge services offer personalized assistance and support to clients seeking healthcare solutions in unfamiliar environments. These initiatives underscore our commitment to adaptability and responsiveness in meeting the diverse needs of our clientele, with additional flexible solutions continually developed based on client feedback and requests.

Building Patients’ Trust:

AP Companies understands the challenges expatriates face in foreign countries. The company provides support in navigating healthcare systems, ensuring access to care, and fostering a sense of security. Natalia Butakova, CEO of AP Companies, adds: “For expat families, medical insurance goes beyond monetary value. They need support in navigating foreign healthcare systems, understanding care options, and feeling secure. We provide local knowledge, individual emergency plans, and overall comfort, serving as invaluable partners for insurance companies.”

Quality Standards

AP Companies is committed to quality and information security, holding ISO 9001 and 27001 certifications. These certifications assure our clients that we maintain the highest standards of excellence and trustworthiness in all our services.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, AP Companies aims to expand its network, offer flexible solutions, monitor costs and explore AI integration for efficiency.

About the Company

Established in 1997, AP Companies specializes in providing international medical services, cost containment and third-party administration. Trusted by top 10 global entities for over 25 years, the company remains dedicated to providing easy access to medical services worldwide.