Biden Urges GOP to Avert Government Shutdown

However, President Biden lamented that a faction of "extreme Republicans" had reneged on their commitment to uphold this agreement.

On Saturday, U.S. President Joe Biden issued a stern admonition aimed at what he characterized as “extreme Republicans,” urging members of the GOP to swiftly avert a looming government shutdown ahead of the impending September 30 deadline.

Addressing an audience during a congressional awards dinner, President Biden underscored the importance of a bipartisan agreement struck in May between congressional Republican leaders and his administration.

He emphasized that this accord was designed not only to finance critical domestic and national security initiatives but also to trim the budget deficit by a substantial $1 trillion over the ensuing decade.

However, President Biden lamented that a faction of “extreme Republicans” had reneged on their commitment to uphold this agreement.

He articulated that the consequences of a government shutdown would be far-reaching, particularly impacting vital areas such as food safety, cancer research, and programs geared towards children’s welfare.

He affirmed that ensuring government funding remained operational is a fundamental duty of Congress.

The President urged Republicans to fulfill their elected responsibilities promptly, asserting, “It’s time for Republicans to start doing the job America elected them to do. Let’s get this done.”

Additionally, President Biden sought to frame his prospective 2024 campaign, likely against former President Donald Trump, as a crusade against the encroachment of political extremism on the American political landscape.

He acknowledged the persistence of a threat to the nation’s democracy, even after his victory in the 2020 election, and cautioned against underestimating the continued fragility of democratic principles.

“In wishing I could declare our democracy safe following our triumph in 2020, I must admit it hasn’t fully subsided,” President Biden soberly stated. “Our democracy is still at stake, don’t kid yourself.”

In these remarks, President Biden not only emphasized the immediate imperative of averting a government shutdown but also underscored his commitment to upholding democratic values and principles in the face of growing political polarization and extremism in the United States.

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