Boris Johnson privately warned Dominic Raab ahead of probe

A bullying inquiry of Mr. Raab is underway as a result of several allegations made by civil servants regarding his conduct.

After reports that some civil servants were too afraid to approach Dominic Raab’s office and that he fostered a “culture of terror” in one department, senior lawyer Adam Tolley KC is investigating if Dominic Raab bullied any of the public servants.

Dominic Raab, the deputy prime minister, is said to have received a private warning from Boris Johnson over his behaviour.

According to The Telegraph, Adam Tolley KC, the independent attorney conducting the probe, is believed to have received testimony from former prime minister Mr. Johnson, who originally nominated Mr. Raab as deputy prime minister.

A former prime minister taking part in a Downing Street investigation is quite uncommon.

Mr. Tolley interviewed Mr. Raab, who serves as deputy prime minister and justice secretary, a week ago, suggesting that the official investigation may be nearing its conclusion.

It would be irresponsible to comment on an ongoing investigation, a spokeswoman for the former prime minister told Sky News.

Many witnesses, including senior public workers, are thought to have been interviewed for the investigation.

There have been allegations that Mr. Raab was “extremely unpleasant and violent” and fostered a “culture of terror” at the Ministry of Justice.

Former permanent secretary Lord McDonald claims that when he was foreign secretary, coworkers were “scared” to enter his office.

He also made the point that he initiated the investigation when the complaints were made.

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