Chelsea’s Co-Owners Stand Firmly Behind Pochettino Amidst Premier League Struggles

Within the first 100 days of their tenure, Thomas Tuchel was dismissed, with Graham Potter being entrusted with the future of the club.

Chelsea’s co-owners, Behdad Eghbali and Todd Boehly, have chosen to throw their weight behind their newly appointed manager, Mauricio Pochettino, amid mounting pressure regarding his future at the club.

This revelation stems from a report by The Telegraph, asserting that the co-owners are steadfast in their support despite a challenging start to Chelsea’s return to the Premier League.

Over the past year, the Blues have grappled with inconsistent performances, primarily attributed to the numerous changes that accompanied the change in ownership.

Within the first 100 days of their tenure, Thomas Tuchel was dismissed, with Graham Potter being entrusted with the future of the club.

However, Potter failed to meet expectations, leading to his departure and temporary roles for Bruno Saltor and Frank Lampard. Consequently, Chelsea limped to a mid-table finish, a far cry from the owners’ envisioned trajectory.

The colossal £1 billion transfer expenditure only exacerbated the pressure on the club.

Pochettino emerged as the next manager in line, renowned for his ability to nurture young talent and elevate teams, as previously seen with Southampton and Tottenham.

Nonetheless, the transformation process is bound to be time-consuming, a luxury rarely afforded to Premier League managers.

With just one win in six league games, Chelsea currently languishes in the bottom half of the table, intensifying the demand for improved results, especially with challenging fixtures ahead.

Despite these challenges, the co-owners are unwavering in their commitment to Pochettino, even at this early stage of his tenure, as detailed in The Telegraph’s report.

Frequent meetings with Behdad Eghbali, in particular, illustrate the owners’ dedication to the manager’s vision.

Eghbali, in contrast to last year’s backlash, now engages with players and holds discussions in the manager’s room rather than delivering motivational speeches or advice.

Pochettino openly acknowledged his owners’ disappointment after a recent defeat to Aston Villa, affirming their enthusiasm for building a long-term project at the club.

“Give me time because I didn’t see them [the owners] after the game,” Pochettino stated during a press conference.

“They are disappointed, they arrived at the club and are so excited to build a project. Of course, they feel disappointed, but at the same time, they need to support the plan.”

In sum, Chelsea’s co-owners have thrown their support behind Mauricio Pochettino, affirming their commitment to the long-term project despite initial setbacks in the Premier League campaign.

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