Cheryl denies she’s anxious over £750,000 gig

Cheryl was asked if she was apprehensive before the show in a recent interview with BBC London, and she boldly responded, "No."

Cheryl has acknowledged that she is not overly anxious as she makes her West End debut on February 1 in 2:22 A Ghost Story.

The 39-year-old singer is making her acting debut in the play as Jenny, a character who believes her home is haunted by a mysterious entity.

Throughout her two-decade career, Cheryl has performed frequently on stage as both a solo artist and a member of Girls Aloud.

After working as a vocalist for so long, the celebrity claimed it was refreshing to explore other artistic mediums.

‘I’m used to a live audience but not in this capacity with the laughter and the different emotions this show inspires in an audience. I’ve loved it, honestly,” the actress said. 

In another video clip, Cheryl was heard speaking in her role in the play,  ‘Ghosts aren’t literally dead people walking around, I think they’re more like Facebook! Everyday, Facebook offers you a memory.’

The protagonist in Danny Robins’ 2:22 – A Ghost Story, Sam (Scott Karim), is an astronomer who thinks he has the solution to every problem.

Sam doesn’t believe in ghosts, although he is demonstrably mistaken when it comes to their presence.

After a three-year absence from the spotlight, Cheryl, who started practising for the production earlier this month, reportedly hopes to “reinvent herself” with a significant stage part.

In 2023, Cheryl intends to reinvent herself, a source told new! magazine. 

“She was on TV all the time, she was the sweetheart of the nation. But she stepped back for a while to focus on being a mother.”

“She’s excited to be coming back. Some things haven’t worked out in the past that she’s tried, but this is a very exciting time for her.”

According to insiders, Cheryl will reportedly earn £750,000 for her four-month engagement in the show, making it one of the highest payments in West End history.

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