Could Isak Be Arsenal’s Bonus Next Season

The Gunners are not the only top flight club linked with having an interest in the 24 year old.

With the March international break quickly drawing to a close now, fans of all club colours can welcome the return of domestic Premier League action and the 2023/24 English top flight campaign has certainly turned into an intriguing one.

As we go into this weekend’s round of fixtures, with identical games played a single point continues to separate Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal, Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool side and Pep Guardiola’s reigning champions, Manchester City. Whoever you think is considered one of the top 10 betting sites in the UK, there will be a plethora of odds available when it comes to who will ultimately come out on top.

It is set to be an enthralling run in. There are now ten games remaining for these three sides and they will decide who will be this year’s champion and will lift the title, and that is without even addressing what is also a pretty close battle at the bottom of the table when it comes to the relegation spots.

Whilst Premier League promotion and relegation should be the main headlines of the day given the time of year that we find ourselves in, as we are just about to exit the March international break, there has obviously been a uptick in summer transfer rumour reports and one of the bigger stories of the week concerns North London club Arsenal’s, potential interest in Newcastle United versatile attacker Alexander Isak.

The Gunners are not the only top flight club linked with having an interest in the 24 year old, 44 capped full Swedish international, and given his performances for Newcastle United in the last two seasons, wherein he has been played predominantly as a straight forward despite his versatility, he has racked up 44 starting appearances, with a goal return of 26.

Since arriving in the Premier League he has suffered a number of niggling injuries, which has meant that he has not racked up the game time he should have done during what is approaching two years at Newcastle, but his return record more than speaks for itself, and with 26 starting appearances this year, he has again scored 16 times. This has obviously also garnered European interest in him as well from their major leagues.

The secret to Isak is in keeping him fit, and if the current rumours are to be believed, Arteta feels that he can do just that with his backroom team at the Emirates Stadium and their London Colney training ground, and if he does have a real summer interest in signing the player, a recent Isak interview might give him a slight bit of further encouragement.

With rumour mill speculation long linking Arteta with an interest in the attacking talent, not least because it has now long been rumoured that Arsenal have prioritised a new striker this summer as one of their top targets, the player was speaking after Sweden’s victory over Albania on Monday evening, and when the question was asked about his future, and whether or not he could potentially leave St James’ Park this coming summer, he simply said.

“Things can happen.”

It is an open ended response, and whilst he then dismissed that he had spent time pondering a departure, and moreover that rumour speculation actually effected him, there will undoubtedly be fans in both camps who will overly read into what are, on face value, very innocent comments in an effect to play the media game and say nothing.

Saying nothing these days can often say everything, and there will be those Arsenal fans who hope he meant what they heard.