Finding Your Niche – Understanding Affiliate Marketing

There is so much potential in affiliate marketing, and there are hundreds of sites and books dedicated to telling you the best strategies to promote products.

One of the best ways to make money online is affiliate marketing. Entrepreneurs have been using this approach to build online incomes for almost as long as the internet has been around, but as with anything, there is more competition today than there has ever been before.

The good news is, there are more opportunities today than ever before too, and the size of the market you can market products too is bigger than ever as well, and still growing. But what it odes mean is that knowing what to sell, what kind of products to promote with affiliate marketing, sometimes known as a niche, is a huge part of your online success today.

Affiliate Marketing?

E-commerce is a huge industry, think about anything you enjoy, from food to your hobby, even movie tickets, you can buy them all online. But with over a billion websites out there, not every business has, or wants, a marketing team that can bring potential customers to their products and offers. For smaller companies or those just starting out, it can be incredibly hard to break into a market without active promotion though.

This is where affiliate marketing comes in. Affiliate marketers promote the products, services or offers of a site, and in return, get a cut of every sale made through their referrals. This benefits everyone. The original seller gets more sales without spending on marketing, the affiliates earn a living without needing to buy stock, deal with deliveries, returns and all the rest.

The Big Choice

There is so much potential in affiliate marketing, and there are hundreds of sites and books dedicated to telling you the best strategies to promote products, how to manage your business and so much more. But most seem to gloss over the most important choice of all.

What to sell.

You can find affiliate programs for almost anything, indeed, with the Amazon affiliate program allowing you generate commissions on almost all of their products, you really can sell anything from just one affiliate program. So, what do you choose?

A site like Slot Sites offers advice and guides for various gambling sites, but the key here is that they provide valuable information. That requires good knowledge of the industry and the products, and while affiliate marketing is a great online business, it also takes time and effort to build. So, they spend a lot of time using those sites they review as well.

What does this matter? Because when you choose an industry or type of product to promote, known as a niche, it needs to be something you know very well, or have enough interest in to learn about without giving up.

Choosing a Niche

So, choosing a product line or industry you know about makes sense, but that is not the only thing to consider. After all, no matter how well you understand something, if no one else is interested in it, you won’t make money. It has to be something with a market too, but there is another factor to consider. Competition.

Dieting, fitness, making money, gaming. These are the biggest markets on the internet, but they are also where you find the most competition. You can still be successful here, but you do need to get everything right, and its hard work.

So, look for something a little less demanding that you have a real interest in. That could be your hobby, something you studied or just something you really like. You can just pick something you have no connection with and do the research to promote it, but one of the joys of working for yourself is doing something you enjoy. If you are taking your first steps into affiliate marketing, it really does help to have a subject you like to write about and promote.


What you sell matters as much as how you sell it in affiliate marketing, at least when you are finding your feet in the industry. By choosing something you know well and enjoy, you not only reduce the workload in figuring out where and who you should promote the product too, but you will enjoy it more too.

That will make it far more likely you will succeed, and importantly, Far less likely to give up if there are any setbacks.