From Academia to Entrepreneurship: A Journey in Business Management and Supply Chain Innovation

Hayk Ghazaryan's vision positions MonArt Bakery to become a leading company, delivering high-quality, organic products nationwide.

University of East Anglia

Hayk Ghazaryan’s journey began with a profound interest in the business world at the Norwich Business School at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, UK. Majoring in Business Management, he immersed himself in various projects and university organizations, such as the Entrepreneurs Organization and the Operations Organization. These experiences deepened his interest in the operational side of business management. Actively participating in events and conferences on entrepreneurship, Mr. Ghazaryan authored his first paper on the role of women entrepreneurs in the economy. His bachelor’s degree covered fundamentals from accounting to marketing and information systems to operations management. This comprehensive education ignited his passion for supply chain management, driving his desire for hands-on experience.

Early Career and Real-World Experience

After graduation in 2019, Hayk Ghazaryan began working as a supply chain specialist at Armgranite in Armenia, a leading granite manufacturer. This role provided invaluable real-world experience, especially during the pandemic, which disrupted operations and underscored the need for supply chain transformation. Numerous processes required attention and needed to be changed, especially since consumer demand patterns had significantly altered. It became necessary to implement new, robust demand planning and forecasting models.

To optimize inventory, Hayk recalculated safety stock levels and optimized order quantities using the Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) model, reducing holding and ordering costs. He improved supplier coordination to ensure timely inventory replenishment and streamlined logistics operations with real-time tracking and efficient route planning. Maintaining buffer stocks for high-demand periods ensured prompt order fulfillment. These efforts led to a significant reduction in excess inventory, optimizing it by nearly 60%. This optimization increased the company’s cash flow by $300,000. Accurate demand prediction and effective inventory management improved on-time delivery rates, boosting customer satisfaction. Through these techniques and tools, Hayk significantly enhanced the company’s operational efficiency during a challenging period. Witnessing these challenges, he realized the increasing importance of integrating digital supply networks, further solidifying his interest in this field. This led him to pursue an MS in Global Supply Chain Management at the USC Marshall School of Business.

Advancing Knowledge and Expertise at USC

Beginning in August 2021, Hayk pursued an MS in Global Supply Chain Management at USC, where he acquired a comprehensive knowledge of business operations. Taught by industry experts, the program included projects and research papers on supply chain innovation, Industry 4.0 technologies, and blockchain. Understanding that agility is key to minimizing disruptions, especially post-COVID-19, the curriculum focused on real-world case studies. A significant accomplishment during his USC tenure was obtaining Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification, a testament to his expertise in process improvement, waste reduction, and efficiency enhancement. As part of this certification, his team optimized the organizational structure and workflow at USC’s Keck Medical School, leading to significant improvements in communication, staff performance, and morale. This project not only solidified Hayk’s understanding of Lean Six Sigma principles but also equipped him with the tools and techniques to lead projects that improve operational efficiency and drive continuous improvement in supply chain processes.

Professional Growth at Angelino’s Coffee

After his graduation, Hayk’s first employment in the US was with Angelino’s Coffee, a Los Angeles-based coffee manufacturer renowned for its high-quality, gourmet coffee products. He joined the company during a critical period when they were integrating ERP NetSuite into their operations. As a Supply Planner, he was responsible for negotiating with suppliers both locally and globally, ensuring inventory optimization, and reconciling ERP data with physical inventory through bi-weekly audits. By implementing a streamlined procurement process, he reduced inventory costs and improved order accuracy.

During his tenure, Hayk skillfully managed and executed over $1 million in purchase and work orders. He issued work orders for internal manufacturing and purchase orders for suppliers to receive green coffee from abroad and outsourced manufacturing to roast the green coffee and later deliver it to their manufacturing facility, where it could be packed into K-cups. He elevated inventory accuracy by 22% by meticulously aligning ERP data and conducting thorough physical count reconciliations, as well as enhancing BOMs accuracy in NetSuite by updating formulas for most K-cups and bagged coffees.

Founding MonArt Bakery LLC

Despite a promising career at Angelino’s Coffee, Hayk Ghazaryan always dreamed of starting his own business. Inspired by a promise to his mother, a masterful baker with over 20 years of experience, he founded MonArt Bakery LLC, focusing on high-quality, organic cakes. MonArt Bakery will benefit the US economy by creating local jobs and supporting small businesses through local ingredient sourcing. The bakery will set new standards in the industry by incorporating advanced supply chain practices and promoting sustainability through biodegradable packaging and energy-efficient practices.

MonArt will provide its customers the ability to access data about the products from “farm-to-fork.” In other words, consumers will be able to scan QR codes on the boxes of finished products to see the path and process the product has undergone, including details about the suppliers of ingredients, the date of baking, packaging, and delivery. Moreover, investing in employee training and development will enhance productivity and job satisfaction, leading to a skilled workforce and reduced turnover rates. MonArt Bakery’s commitment to quality, transparency, and sustainability will make it a leading company in the baking industry.

From Norwich to USC, from Armgranite to Angelino’s Coffee, Hayk’s journey has equipped him with the skills to make MonArt Bakery a success. This venture celebrates family, tradition, and a long-cherished dream. With plans for franchising, MonArt Bakery will significantly impact the US economy by creating jobs, supporting local suppliers, promoting sustainability, and driving industry innovation. Hayk Ghazaryan’s vision positions MonArt Bakery to become a leading company, delivering high-quality, organic products nationwide.