Gabriel Jesus Resumes Arsenal Training, Eyes Comeback Following Injury

Mikel Arteta, Arsenal's manager, explained that the decision to proceed with the procedure was based on its necessity for Jesus' well-being.

Gabriel Jesus has rejoined Arsenal’s training sessions, signaling his comeback after a knee injury he sustained before the Community Shield at the close of July.

The Brazilian footballer underwent a minor surgical intervention to address a persistent issue stemming from a medial collateral ligament injury he suffered during the previous year’s World Cup.

Now, his return appears imminent.

In a video captured by Sky Sports, the former Manchester City player can be seen participating in warm-up routines alongside his teammates as they prepare for upcoming training sessions.

Mikel Arteta, Arsenal’s manager, explained that the decision to proceed with the procedure was based on its necessity for Jesus’ well-being.

Arteta stated during a press conference preceding the Community Shield match against Manchester City, “He is fine obviously he was very disappointed, he was feeling very good and this issue came up.

Nobody expected it and we had to do a little procedure there. But unfortunately it was the best thing to do.”

The urgency for prompt action was evident, with Arteta stressing the need to address the concern as swiftly as possible.

He expressed confidence in Jesus’ recovery, asserting, “I’m sure he will be back soon and very fit.”

During Jesus’ absence, Eddie Nketiah assumed the role of the central striker.

Nketiah showcased his contribution by netting a goal against Nottingham Forest and securing a penalty that led to a 1-0 victory over Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park in the previous weekend’s fixture.

Considering the timeline, Jesus would need a remarkable recovery within the current week to participate in the upcoming Fulham match.

Alternatively, he might aim for a return just in time for the clash against Manchester United the following week.

This strategic approach is supplemented by an impending international break, offering extended time for enhancing his fitness.

Anticipating further updates, Arteta is set to address the media in the coming days, likely shedding more light on Jesus’ progress.

Comprehensive coverage of his statements will be accessible on the website, providing enthusiasts with real-time insights into the player’s recuperation and the team’s evolving dynamics.

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