Georgia Harrison describes how she almost died

Georgia Harrison has talked openly about the effects of being mistakenly caught on camera having consensual sex with Stephen Bear.

Georgia Harrison has described the “horrific” bodily effects that Stephen Bear posting a sex tape had on her, including how she almost passed away.

The actress acknowledged that shortly after the video was made public, she slipped into septic shock.

In August 2020, Stephen Bear, 33, and the former Love Island star, 28, were inadvertently seen on camera engaging in consensual sex in Stephen’s Loughton, Essex, home.

The couple was seen having intercourse on the property’s CCTV cameras, and Bear afterwards uploaded the footage to OnlyFans without Georgia’s knowledge.

Later, Georgia claimed that she felt “so violated” by the film that was made available on the platform.

Bear received a 21-month prison term when he was sentenced earlier this month at Chelmsford Crown Court.

During his trial in December, Bear was found guilty of voyeurism by a jury that was unanimous in its decision, as well as convicted of two counts of exposing private sexual images and videos with the aim to cause distress.

Georgia, who gave up her right to remain anonymous, has spoken up about the physical toll the incident has taken on her, saying that she went into septic shock when she realised the tape had been made public.

“They said my kidneys, my pelvis, and multiple organs were infected, and I was going into septic shock.

“Bear has never apologised to me once. It’s one thing to deny it, but to show absolutely no remorse, it makes no sense. It’s like my feelings don’t matter,” the star added when speaking to The Sun.

The celebrity testified in court, renouncing her right to remain anonymous to fully describe the toll the incident had taken on her.

Georgia also discussed the mental and emotional challenges she had encountered, as well as how being dumped by several sponsors had impacted her career.