Gordon Ramsay and Alan Sugar clash amid new season of The Apprentice

When the show is about how to operate an office, Gordon told MailOnline he doesn't understand why Alan added a food job in a future episode of The Apprentice.

In an interview last week, Lord Alan Sugar sensationally charged that TV chef Gordon Ramsay had ‘ripped off’ The Apprentice with his programme, Future Food Stars.

Gordon, 56, remarked, “What have bao buns got to do with running an office?” insinuating that Lord Sugar was influenced by HIM.

The candidates will make bao buns to sell to the public on Tuesday’s edition of The Apprentice, but kitchen explosions and a math error result in a grilling in the boardroom. 

The 75-year-old tycoon Alan once advised Gordon to “stick to his day job” when he introduced the new season of Future Food Stars.

For a £150,000 investment of the restaurant owner’s own money to launch a food business, 12 entrepreneurs compete.

He claims Gordon’s show is a “virtual rip-off” of The Apprentice’s format , and he questions how lawyers let it to go.

Gordon, though, praised Lord Sugar and declared, “I love that guy.”

“The Apprentice is an amazing format. And when the BBC approached us three years ago and asked if they could entice us to develop an exciting food hero sort of entrepreneur programme, I got so excited.”

The first season of Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars aired on BBC One in 2022, and the second season will debut later this year.

In episode one of the show, Gordon stated that his goal was to “catapult someone to the next level and put £150,000 of my own cash into their business” by posing a series of challenges to aspiring chefs.

Next Level Chef, a new programme from the seven-time Michelin-starred chef, will premiere on ITV the following Wednesday. 

The programme will premiere one day ahead of the start of the new season of The Apprentice on BBC One, a competing channel.

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