London Business Owners Need to Embrace Apps to Thrive

There are already many successful examples of businesses that have flourished by offering related apps.

The online world is getting bigger and better all the time, and internet versions have already flipped some industries causing brick-and-mortar locations to go bust. One of the best examples is Netflix, which resulted in Blockbuster Video going under rapidly.

Business owners in London need to embrace the technology revolution and learn ways to integrate it. Now is the time to make the most of online apps to improve the consumer experience. There are already many successful examples of businesses that have flourished by offering related apps.

The Mobile App Revolution

It’s estimated that 87 percent of people in the UK now own a smartphone, with that figure rising dramatically if you single out younger age brackets. People use their phones constantly as well, with research finding that the average Brit spends four hours and 14 minutes per day glued to the screen.

Businesses need to take advantage of this mobile revolution and make sure they are getting in front of their customers as much as possible. Having a website has been a fundamental part of owning a company for years, but now offering a mobile app is arguably more important. By existing as a native mobile app on your customers’ phones, you can send them notifications and keep them in the loop with all the latest offers. There are plenty of other ways to create a smooth transition between online and offline shopping too.

Many London Retailers Thriving With Apps

Some of the biggest businesses across London are setting an example for others to follow with their impressive integration of mobile apps. Tesco, for instance, has provided a great model for others to replicate with its handy and much-loved mobile app. It allows users to effortlessly organise their grocery deliveries and have them delivered to their homes at any time. There’s also the option to use the app in-store to scan products and get detailed information about them.

Buzz Bingo is another good example of an online app that dovetails perfectly with its physical operations. The online bingo industry is booming across the UK, and many of today’s players log on through bingo apps. These provide all their favourite games in one place, with everything from bingo rooms to slots. The app also allows users to find their local club so they can meet up with other like-minded players. There are already three locations in London, and this number looks set to grow in the future.

Convenience and Personalisation

One of the best things about mobile apps that appeal to Londoners is their convenience and personalisation. People in the capital are known to lead fast-paced lifestyles, and it’s useful to have everything at the touch of a few buttons.

Apps can offer a range of features that make people’s lives easier. They can remind people when they need to make a purchase, they can streamline the payment process, and they can make recommendations based on user preferences by leveraging the power of AI. All of these things enhance the shopping experience and help with customer retention.

If you’re a business owner in London and you haven’t explored the use of mobile apps yet, it would be wise to do so now. It’s clear that companies with apps are succeeding, and those who don’t embrace the mobile revolution could be threatened in the future.