Love Island viewers braced for fresh drama

The Love Island villa is about to see more turmoil just when viewers thought there had been enough for the week.

It has been rumoured that two new male bombshells will be moving into the villa, adding to the turmoil on Love Island.

In Wednesday’s episode, the Islanders are already prepared for another unexpected coupling, and one girl will permanently leave the villa.

The Islanders were instructed to assemble around the campfire during the show on Tuesday night, at which point the shocking twist was revealed.

Everyone was stunned, a source stated, because the cast was still reeling from the dumping when the two men showed up.

However, it has since been made clear that the participants won’t have time to mourn the departure of one female because two males would be entering the villa shortly after.

After it is made known which female has been dumped, their entrance is scheduled to take place over the course of the following several days.

The villa had just finished celebrating Tanya’s birthday when a text message invited them to assemble around the firepit.

The lads will then be asked to pair up with one girl each, meaning one would be permanently expelled from the villa.

The results of the recoupling will be revealed on Wednesday’s episode.

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