Meete — an absolutely free dating app for women, but paid for men

The modern online dating industry is constantly looking for new ways to attract as many users as possible. In some cases, this actually works. And right now, the Meete mobile app has become a vivid example of a new online dating format. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you can rest assured that soon it will be on everyone’s lips.

But what exactly is Meete? Why did it rapidly gain popularity in the fall of 2022? And how do developers motivate girls to be active in the app? We’re going to discuss all of this and much more.

What is Meete and how does the app work?

At first glance, you can see a classic dating app. And if you look at the Meete page on Google Play, you won’t notice a significant difference. But it’s there, and it’s big.

The main feature of Meete is the opportunity for girls to earn real money by talking to men. For women the application is completely free, but men have to pay, for sending messages and even for likes. Meete has its own currency — “gems” or points that girls earn by communicating with men. The accumulated stones can be converted into real money and withdrawn to your own account. At the time of writing this article, the exchange rate is as follows: 10 points = $1.

How much can a girl earn on Meete?

For active and sociable girls, income from Meete can be quite substantial. The internet magazine site Vice conducted a small survey to find out how much you can really earn. The numbers are pretty impressive. 18-year-old Megan said that in six months she managed to earn and withdraw about £4,600 in UK pounds to her account. And 23-year-old Taylor £3,600. A very good bonus just for communication. Many experts note that if you spend 10-12 hours a day on the application, it is quite feasible to reach an income of $1,000 to $2,500 a month.

Meete offers other alternative ways to earn money:

  1. Attracting traffic to offers from dating CPA networks and to offers from crypto affiliate programs.
  2. Attracting users through the referral system.

One user can have several accounts, which allows you to significantly increase income and make using Meete your literal full-time job, with a stable and pretty high income. Sounds good, right? But in practice, there are some questions around Meete…

The main advantage and fatal disadvantage of Meete

As you will already understand, Meete is positioned firmly as a dating application. Everything is logical about that. Plus the opportunity to make money on communication becomes a motivator for girls to be active, communicate, meet new people and maintain communication in every possible way. In regular dating apps, girls are much less active and not so willing to make contact. In this sense, Meete will definitely please men who crave female attention and pleasant communication.


This is where Meete’s main problem lies. The vast majority of girls do not perceive this application as a platform for making promising romantic acquaintances at all. For them, it’s just a way to make money. It is beneficial for men to communicate with them, add likes, give virtual gifts and send as many messages as possible. Because every action by a man in Meete increases their income.

Meete breaks the basic concept of online dating, negating any efforts by a man to have a serious relationship. Indeed, the application itself motivates girls to give men false hope, showing false sympathy and interest. To put it bluntly, Meete is an application for extorting money from gullible and naive men.

And now let’s answer a question: Are you ready to spend your own money just for communication, which in 99% of cases will end in nothing? No offline dates and no prospects for a serious relationship? It’s reasonable to say that even ordinary communication in the application is often completely insincere. It is advantageous for girls to show interest in you and express attraction, even if it is not there!

At the time of this writing, the Meete app on Google Play has about 500,000 downloads, a rating of 3.8 points, and just over 5,000 reviews. If we read these reviews, we will see that in most cases, users are completely unhappy with the idea of the app and understand that they are simply being robbed of money.

Should you use Meete? And what are the alternatives?

In our opinion, for men, the use of Meete is essentially futile. It’s very unlikely that you will meet your true love here. Most likely, you will simply lose your own money, voluntarily giving it away for insincere communication. Of course, we will not try to dissuade you. If you want to try something new, please go ahead. But be prepared for the fact that your conversations in Meete simply will not end in a lasting relationship.

So what alternative should you choose?

There are many options — there are more than eight thousand online dating services in the world. Among them are many completely free or at least inexpensive platforms. Some recommend using only free apps, but there is a caveat to that. A free application will either not be of particularly high quality due to lack of funding, or will simply have a huge amount of advertising, the income from which pays for development and support.

Therefore, we still recommend paid dating services. But only those where you clearly understand what you pay for. And this, by the way, doesn’t just mean classic dating sites and apps. If that format does not suit you, there is a great alternative — video chat app.

Let’s take CooMeet video chat app as an example. The service provides a free trial period for all new members. This is an important advantage, because you can immediately personally evaluate CooMeet and decide whether you are ready to pay money for its functionality. In addition, live video chat offers several other important benefits:

  • Communication takes place via video, not just via text messaging.
  • All girls go through identity verification — no fakes or bots.
  • The algorithm connects men exclusively with girls, which saves a lot of time.
  • For those who want to meet and communicate with foreign speakers, there’s a built-in message translator.
  • The video chat is available both in your browser and as an app for iOS and CooMeet mod apk.

Yes, girls can earn money on CooMeet, too. But that is not the main thing in this case. Earning does not become a key motivator to keep the conversation going. And there is no such thing as in Meete, where a man literally pays for every action. The site is much more loyal to users

If you still want to make money on CooMeet however, please, go ahead. There is an affiliate program that allows you to earn real money for attracting new users.

If the classic dating format suits you meanwhile, there are a lot of options — Tinder, Badoo, Bumble, Hinge, Happn and hundreds of others. Choose which one you like and will get most use from. Of course, in most cases, you also need to pay to access the full range of features. But here at least you understand what you’re paying for, and you know that they are not just talking to you because of money. This is very important!

Be careful what you pay for

The fact that a dating app or video chat makes money from users is completely normal! It is this income that helps services develop, implement new features and offer users even more interesting dating opportunities. But when an application goes against the very principles of web dating and turns it into a full-time job for a person, questions definitely arise.

Meete is an interesting and high-quality application, it’s hard to argue with that. But it completely ruins the concept of dating on the internet and does not even offer a remote possibility to develop relationships on the web. Are you willing to spend your own time and money to end up with nothing? We think not. And we strongly recommend that you consider alternative options that will not simply burn your hard-earned cash. But ultimately it’s up to you to decide.