Piers Morgan chimes in after Sam Smith misgendered

Sam Smith has been misidentified once more when they stated that they wanted to become "fisherthem."

Sam Smith, who is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns, said they had a hidden passion for fishing that they’d like to explore after leaving the spotlight when appearing on the BBC show, The One Show.

“I just think I’d like to finish my days fishing one day. Like being seated on a bank. It’s calm,” the performer declared.

Previously, when Alex Jones inquired if they would like to be fly fishermen, Smith had to correct her.

After their legendary Brit Awards performance, Ronan Keating, another One Show host, asked Smith about his interests. “You’re a great admirer of fishing?”

Smith responded, “Well, I do love fishing. I would adore becoming a fisher-them.”

“What, like a fly fisherman?” Alex queried.

Piers Morgan disagreed with their use of the term “fisherthem,” just as he had with Smith’s BRIT Awards attire.

Smith stirred more controversy with their BRIT awards performance of “Unholy” with Him Petras after accusations that their Grammy performance was “satanic.”

Ofcom received almost a hundred complaints.

According to a representative for Ofcom, “We got 106 complaints regarding The BRIT Awards on ITV1 on February 11.”

The bulk of complaints were regarding Sam Smith’s performance, with the remaining being concerning alcohol use and profanity.

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