Piers Morgan sparks controversy after tearing into Tottenham Hotspur

Despite the chaos surrounding Tottenham, these supporters chose to attend the match and back their team, even though their efforts were not reciprocated by the players.

Piers Morgan has labeled Tottenham Hotspur as “pathetic” following their announcement on Twitter that they would refund supporters who traveled to Tyneside for the team’s humiliating 6-1 defeat against Newcastle.

The criticism comes amid recent turmoil for Spurs, who made history by becoming the first Premier League club to sack an Interim Manager, Cristian Stellini, after the match.

Morgan took issue with Tottenham’s decision to reimburse fans, calling it “the most pathetic, embarrassing, cringe-making, pointless load of virtue-signalling old guff I’ve read in 58 years.”

However, it is important to note that the refund is not just about the loss, but also the unacceptable lack of effort from the team during the match, where they conceded five goals within 20 minutes.

Considering the current cost of living crisis, fans who spent their hard-earned money on tickets for Sunday’s game arguably deserve compensation.

It is interesting that Morgan has chosen to criticize Spurs for refunding their fans, as he demanded Arsenal do the same after their 8-2 defeat against Manchester United in 2011.

At that time, he tweeted, “I think Arsenal’s board should refund the 3000 heroic Gooners who made the trip today, from the £70m kitty they refuse to spend on players.”

Given these previous comments, it remains unclear why Morgan now holds a significantly different viewpoint on refunding supporters when it comes to Tottenham, Arsenal’s rivals.

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