Portugal National Football Team vs Luxembourg National Football Team Lineups

While Portugal is the clear favorite, football has shown time and again that surprises are possible.

Portugal National Football Team vs Luxembourg National Football Team Lineups

The Portugal National Football Team vs Luxembourg National Football Team lineups are crucial to the on-pitch dynamics and tempo.

The clash between the Portugal National Football Team and the Luxembourg National Football Team is a highly anticipated fixture in international football.

Portugal National Football Team Lineup


Rui Patricio: Portugal’s veteran goalkeeper, Rui Patricio, brings a wealth of experience and exceptional shot-stopping ability. He is a crucial presence between the posts, instilling confidence in the defense.


Nelson Semedo (RB): Semedo, known for his pace and defensive prowess, adds stability to Portugal’s right flank while also contributing to attacks with his overlapping runs.

Ruben Dias (CB): The Manchester City defender, Ruben Dias, has become a linchpin in Portugal’s defense with his composure, excellent aerial ability, and strong tackling.

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Pepe (CB): The experienced Pepe provides leadership at the heart of the defense. His ability to organize the backline and read the game makes him a key figure for Portugal.

Raphael Guerreiro (LB): Guerreiro’s versatility and ability to join the attack as a left-back make him a potent weapon. His precise crosses and set-piece delivery are assets for Portugal.


William Carvalho (CDM): Carvalho’s defensive midfield role is crucial in shielding the defense and distributing the ball efficiently to start attacks.

Bruno Fernandes (CM): Fernandes, known for his creativity and goal-scoring prowess, plays a vital role in orchestrating Portugal’s midfield and providing the crucial link between defense and attack.

Renato Sanches (CM): Sanches’s energy and dynamism in midfield add depth to Portugal’s midfield options. His ability to drive the ball forward and contribute defensively is invaluable.


Bernardo Silva (RW): Silva’s dribbling skills, creativity, and ability to unlock defenses make him a constant threat on the right wing.

Cristiano Ronaldo (ST): As one of the greatest footballers of all time, Ronaldo remains Portugal’s talisman. His goal-scoring record and all-around play are unmatched.

Diogo Jota (LW): Jota’s pace and clinical finishing provide Portugal with an additional goal-scoring threat from the left wing.

Luxembourg National Football Team Lineup


Anthony Moris: Moris, an experienced goalkeeper, is Luxembourg’s last line of defense. His shot-stopping abilities will be crucial in keeping Portugal at bay.


Enes Mahmutovic (RB): Mahmutovic’s versatility and ability to cover multiple defensive positions make him an asset for Luxembourg.

Maxime Chanot (CB): Chanot, a veteran defender, provides stability and leadership in Luxembourg’s defense. His aerial presence is vital, both defensively and offensively.

Kevin Malget (CB): Malget’s physicality and ability to win aerial duels are essential attributes in Luxembourg’s defensive line.

Laurent Jans (LB): Jans, a reliable left-back, offers defensive solidity and the ability to support attacks with well-timed runs.


Leandro Barreiro (CDM): Barreiro’s role as a defensive midfielder is crucial for Luxembourg in breaking up opposition plays and initiating counterattacks.

Olivier Thill (CM): Thill’s technical skills and ability to create goal-scoring opportunities through precise passing are key for Luxembourg’s midfield.

Vincent Thill (CM): Vincent Thill, the twin brother of Olivier, adds creativity and flair to Luxembourg’s midfield.


Gerson Rodrigues (RW): Rodrigues’s pace and ability to beat defenders make him a valuable asset on the right wing.

Daniel Sinani (ST): Sinani’s goal-scoring ability and movement in the box are essential for Luxembourg’s offensive strategy.

Maurice Deville (LW): Deville’s dribbling skills and ability to provide crosses and set-piece deliveries add depth to Luxembourg’s attack.

Tactical Approaches


Portugal, under the guidance of Fernando Santos, typically employs a well-organized defensive structure and controlled possession. They are adept at exploiting the opposition’s weaknesses through precise passing and quick transitions. With Cristiano Ronaldo leading the attack, Portugal’s goal-scoring threat is always high.


Luxembourg, managed by Luc Holtz, often focuses on defensive solidity and disciplined positioning. They look to absorb pressure and hit on the counterattack. Luxembourg’s resilience and organization make them a challenging opponent, especially against stronger teams.

Recent Form


Portugal boasts an impressive recent record, having won the UEFA Euro 2016 and the UEFA Nations League in 2019. Their star-studded lineup, led by Cristiano Ronaldo, continues to perform at a high level in international competitions. They are a force to be reckoned with and are aiming for another successful campaign.


Luxembourg’s recent performances have shown signs of improvement, with competitive showings in UEFA Euro qualifying matches. While they are considered underdogs against top-tier teams like Portugal, they have the potential to disrupt opponents with their organized defensive approach and well-executed set pieces.


The clash between the Portugal National Football Team and the Luxembourg National Football Team promises to be an exciting encounter on the international stage. With Portugal’s star-studded lineup and Luxembourg’s disciplined defensive approach, fans can expect a match filled with moments of brilliance, skill, and tactical battles.

While Portugal is the clear favorite, football has shown time and again that surprises are possible. The match will provide an opportunity for both teams to showcase their strengths and abilities, making it an intriguing fixture for football enthusiasts worldwide.