Prince William covertly visited military installation just 60km from Ukraine border

Security concerns prevented the visit from being made public until Prince William left the Rzeszow military facility, which is 60 kilometres from the Ukrainian border.

To “personally thank” Polish and British soldiers who have supported the Ukrainian military, Prince William travelled covertly to Poland.

The Prince of Wales visited military installations in Rzeszow, which is only 60 miles from the Ukrainian border. 

This was the closest a senior member of the Royal Family had ever been to the conflict.

The visit was kept a secret until the prince had departed the base out of security concerns.

In order to understand more about the assistance Poland is giving to Ukraine, Prince William met with the minister of defence and members of the Polish Territorial Defence Force. 

He praised their “passion” and “commitment to defend our common freedoms.”

He spoke of the “inspiring humanity” displayed by Poles in his writing, which reflected the nation’s humanitarian response.

He said, “You have opened your hearts as much as your homes.”

The prince also spoke with British soldiers stationed nearby and inquired about their experiences supporting Ukraine and working in Poland.

The majority of Western weapons are delivered to the city of Rzeszow before being moved across the border to Ukraine, making it a logistical gateway to that country.

Since the Russian invasion, billions of pounds of ammunition and weapons have moved through the US-led centre.

According to Sky News, Prince William is also visiting Warsaw and will be staying at a facility that has been assisting Ukrainian families who have escaped the conflict.

300 Ukrainian women and children have found safety at the centre, which is located in the heart of the humanitarian catastrophe.

Prince William will pay his respects at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Warsaw as part of the two-day excursion. 

It is an act of remembrance honouring the late Queen and Duke of Edinburgh’s 1996 visit, during which they lay a wreath at the location.

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