Rio Ferdinand speaks out on Jude Bellingham signing for Liverpool

Jude Bellingham is being pursued by several clubs in England and beyond.

Jude Bellingham may not be considering a move to Liverpool any time soon, according to Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand.

The Premier League teams had a tough round of 16 fixtures in the Chmapiomns League as no English side was able to register a win in the first leg.

While in the process, Liverpool suffered their worst-ever European defeat at Anfield. The Reds were humiliated by a 5-2 defeat against the Spanish champions Real Madrid.

After the first-round of last-16 round, speaking on BT Sport Man United legend Rio Ferdinand was asked about Jude Bellingham’s future, the 44-year-old said:

“I think Jude Bellingham’s intelligent enough not to look at one game in isolation, he’ll be looking at the bigger picture.

“What does the next 12 months look like at Liverpool? What kind of impact can I have at Liverpool?

“I think if we said a year ago, or six months ago, I don’t think Jude Bellingham even questions Liverpool’s trajectory or where they’re going, because they were in a different place.

At the moment, I don’t think Liverpool are going to be on his radar and that will be very disappointing for Liverpool fans.”

Bellingham to make a big decision this summer

The England wonderkid will undoubtedly have a wide range of choices if he decides to leave Dortmund this summer.

Bellingham might reportedly depart Dortmund for £89 million in summer, according to ESPN, but that seems like a bargain considering his age and potential. Although Ferdinand indicates he may no longer be interested, Football Transfers believes Liverpool will have the funds to buy Bellingham this summer.

Real Madrid and Manchester City, who are in considerably stronger positions than Liverpool at the moment, will both be exploring moves for the teenager.

Nonetheless, the brilliant midfielder might find the opportunity to serve as Jurgen Klopp’s next project alluring.

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