Serial killer vows to take legal action against the BBC and Netflix

Charles Sobhraj's attorney states that he plans to pursue legal action against the national network over the "30% truth" drama.

After his arrival in France, his attorney Isabelle Coutant-Peyre made the following statement on his behalf: “He said the dramatised 8-part series was rubbish first of all, and that 70% of it is entirely fake.”

On Monday, December 26, she claimed that after seeing the series, his top priority was now to sue the two broadcasters, the BBC and Netflix.

On his Qatar Airways journey to Paris, Charles Sobhraj asserted, “I did nothing. In certain situations, I’m innocent, okay?”

This is despite serving two different prison terms for the murders—the first in India, where he was imprisoned for 21 years, and the second in Nepal, where he was given a life sentence but was released last week due to health concerns.

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Sobhraj has served nearly 40 years in prison, all for the killing of travellers he preyed on in the 1970s.

The master criminal was born in 1944 in Saigon, which was then a part of French Indochina, to a Vietnamese mother who subsequently wed a French Army officer and an Indian father.

The Indochina-born Sobhraj, who had previously served time for burglary in Paris in 1963, was later connected to more than 20 homicides throughout South East Asia. Tourists were targeted by Sobhraj, who drugged them before killing them and stealing their money and possessions.

Tahar Rahim, a French-Algerian actor who is 41 and resides in Paris, played Sobhraj in The Serpent.

According to popular belief, in his first murder, Sobhraj killed Teresa Knowlton, a 21-year-old Seattle resident, in 1975. Clad in a bikini , her body was discovered on a beach in Pattaya, Thailand.

As a result of this, the killer was given the moniker “The Bikini Killer.”