Sex And The City: What You Need To Know About London’s Sex Life

London is the third most sexually active city in the world. Click here to find out why and what you should know as a newcomer looking for a relationship.

You’ll find a lot of useful guides upon moving to London, but one guide that you’ll find hard to find is how to adjust to London’s sex life.

Yes, we know, you’ve probably done a double-take there, but this is something that is worth talking about, especially if you are looking to find and settle down with a partner.

According to a recent survey, London is the third most sexually active city in the world, and with a load of new trends being added to the mix every year, it’s important to keep up to date to ensure you’re not left behind.

With this in mind, here’s what you need to know about London’s sex life, as well as a few tips for any sexually anxious individuals who are looking for a strong relationship.

London Is Mind-Orientated

Okay, firstly, London as a city is incredibly mind-orientated. Across the city, thousands of people are practicing meditation and mental wellbeing, and this plays a big role when it comes to sex.

Whether it’s anxiety, stress, or depression, a number of mental issues can hinder your sex life, so it’s important to get on board with the rest of the city and focus on mindfulness techniques to increase your positivity, and calmness, as well as your desire and libido.

There Is A Surge In London Fillers

For males, however, practicing mindfulness doesn’t always get rid of some of the sex-related issues that can be caused by anxiety. Throughout London, people are trying various ways to help with erectile dysfunction, with one of the most popular being penile fillers.

For those unaware, penis enlargement in London has seen a big surge in the last couple of years, with success stories citing its ability to increase blood flow to the penis, help with a lack of self-confidence, and ultimately maintain and enhance erections.

It might not be for everyone, and it’s important to find a professional, reputable clinic to carry out the procedure, but it’s certainly had a lot of success and is only set to get more popular.

It’s All About Respect

London is a very outgoing city. People say what they think, and this trait carries over into sexual relationships too. One of the most popular new sex trends, for instance, is known as “praise kinks”, where partners openly praise their partner to increase their self-confidence and arousal.

It’s worth noting that there is a difference between praise kinks and “dirty talk”. Compared to the latter, this is angled more towards affirming a partner’s looks and personality, openly respecting and praising them for helping improve their self-esteem, and subsequently the sexual experience between both of you.

New, New, New

London is also a city of innovation, which means you’re likely to come across a lot of new experiences. The important thing, however, is to remain open and have strong communication with your sexual partner.

Step as far out of your comfort zone as you want to, but never be pushed. London is an exciting city, and there are a number of ways to find new and healthy sexual experiences, so find the ones that work for you!