Stellantis Repurchases 50 Million Shares from Dongfeng Motor for $1.02 Billion

Despite this substantial share repurchase, Stellantis has clarified that it intends to cancel these acquired shares.

Stellantis, the parent company of Chrysler, has announced a significant financial move by repurchasing 50 million common shares from Dongfeng Motor (Hong Kong) International for approximately 934 million euros, equivalent to $1.02 billion.

This strategic decision, made public on Wednesday, reflects Stellantis’ ongoing commitment to optimizing its corporate structure and capital allocation.

It’s worth noting that Stellantis has a joint venture with Dongfeng Motor in China, which plays a pivotal role in their overall business strategy.

Despite this substantial share repurchase, Stellantis has clarified that it intends to cancel these acquired shares.

Importantly, this transaction with Dongfeng will not impact Stellantis’ separate 1.5 billion euros open-market repurchase program, which was initially unveiled on February 22.

This program is set to be completed by the close of 2023, indicating the company’s continued focus on enhancing shareholder value and bolstering its financial position.

Following the share repurchase, Dongfeng Motor will still retain a substantial stake in Stellantis, holding on to 49.2 million common shares.

This retained stake represents 1.58% of Stellantis’ share capital once the cancellation of the newly acquired shares takes place.

This continued association between Stellantis and Dongfeng underscores the importance of their collaboration in the Chinese automotive market, where both companies are striving to make their mark amidst fierce competition.

The move to repurchase shares is a strategic maneuver by Stellantis, allowing it to gain more control over its ownership structure while maintaining a strong partnership with Dongfeng Motor.

Stellantis is likely to leverage these shares in ways that align with its long-term growth and financial objectives.

In summary, Stellantis’ repurchase of 50 million common shares from Dongfeng Motor for approximately 934 million euros marks a significant financial transaction.

This move is part of Stellantis’ broader strategy to optimize its capital structure and enhance shareholder value.

Despite this share buyback, the company remains committed to its existing open-market repurchase program, ensuring continued financial stability and growth.

Dongfeng Motor, with a retained stake of 49.2 million common shares, remains a valuable partner in Stellantis’ journey within the Chinese automotive market.