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Guidelines for Submission

The essence of London Insider lies in delivering authentic and thought-provoking content. Thus, we have set forth a few guidelines to maintain our content’s quality and relevance:

  1. Unique and Original Content: We strive for originality and appreciate content that is exclusive to London Insider. Submissions should be original, unpublished work, not republished elsewhere, even on your blog.
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  5. Writing Style: The tone should be professional yet engaging, making complex topics understandable and enjoyable to our readers.

Topics We Love

Here are some indicative topics under our key themes:

Gambling: Future trends in online gambling, impact of AI on gambling, psychological aspects of gambling, and gambling legislation.

Finance: Personal finance strategies, fintech trends, global finance issues, and investment guides.

Tech: AI and machine learning advancements, cybersecurity, blockchain technology, and the impact of tech on society.

CBD: Benefits and risks of CBD, CBD in healthcare, legislation around CBD, and emerging CBD trends.

Remember, these are only guiding topics. We love and encourage fresh and innovative ideas that fall within the broad areas of gambling, finance, tech, and CBD.

How to Submit Your Article

To submit your guest post, please email it as a Word document to, with the subject line “Guest Post Submission: [Your Topic].” Include any images as separate attachments, and provide a brief author bio and photo for attribution.

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Wrapping Up

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