Temidayo Awe – His Role in The Honeytrap Murder

Temidayo Awe was convicted in the UK for his role in the Honeytrap Murder.

Temidayo Awe

Temidayo Awe and Surpreet Dhillon orchestrated a sinister plan that ultimately led to the tragic murder of Saul Murray, an incident that later became infamously known as “The Honeytrap Murder.” Initially, their intention was to steal Murray’s valuable Rolex watches, but this ill-fated robbery spiraled into a gruesome killing that shook the community. The catalyst for this horrific event was the allure of perceived wealth fueled by Murray’s Instagram posts, showcasing what appeared to be genuine Rolex watches.

Ironically, it was later uncovered that the Rolex watches were counterfeit, rendering the entire crime even more senseless. Surpreet Dhillon, a mother herself, was the mastermind behind the honeytrap scheme. She initiated contact with Saul Murray and made her way from London to his residence in Luton, setting the stage for the tragic unfolding of events. Dhillon, driven by envy and enticed by Murray’s ostentatious displays of luxury, enlisted the help of her associates to carry out their plan.

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Temidayo Awe, a 21-year-old student at Coventry University, joined Dhillon and her co-conspirators in their journey to Luton on February 26, 2022. Their goal was to meet Saul Murray and share drinks at his apartment. Security cameras captured their arrival at Murray’s flat, with Awe later seen exiting the building alone. The events that unfolded that night would forever change the lives of those involved.

During an episode of Channel 4’s “24 Hours in Police Custody,” chilling CCTV footage revealed Awe clutching her phone, tears streaming down her face, as she made a distressing phone call following her arrest in connection with the honeytrap murder of Saul Murray. She expressed profound regret, lamenting her actions and the disappointment she had caused her mother, exclaiming, “Oh God, is this my life?” On February 27, 2022, Awe, along with three other individuals, faced charges related to the murder of Saul Murray.

In the subsequent legal proceedings, Temidayo Awe was found guilty of manslaughter and was sentenced to seven years in prison for her role in the honeytrap murder. The limited information available about Awe’s family only adds to the tragic narrative surrounding this case. She was a third-year student at Coventry University, and her involvement in this heinous crime was spotlighted in a two-part special on the Channel 4 crime show.

Awe and Surpreet Dhillon’s plot to incapacitate and rob Saul Murray stemmed from their envy-fueled fascination with images of him wearing Rolex watches on Instagram. Law enforcement authorities later conducted a raid on Awe’s student residence in Coventry, leading to her arrest and the subsequent charge of murder, which was later amended to manslaughter. Security cameras captured Awe leaving Murray’s flat in the company of Dhillon and returning later with two unidentified men.

In the haunting CCTV footage, Saul Murray was seen stumbling, naked and disoriented, toward the front door of his apartment building before collapsing on the floor. All four individuals involved in the case were eventually found guilty and received prison sentences. Judge Michael Simon aptly described the entire conspiracy as “senseless,” highlighting the tragic consequences of their actions. Temidayo Awe, upon her conviction, expressed profound sorrow and disappointment, particularly when reflecting on the impact of her choices on her family.

In February of the previous year, the lifeless and bloodied body of Saul Murray was discovered in the communal entrance of his apartment on New Town Street in Luton. This grim discovery followed the failed attempt by Temidayo Awe and Surpreet Dhillon to incapacitate him with drugs, ultimately leading them to summon their male accomplices, Ikram Affia and Cleon Brown, in a series of events that would culminate in a senseless tragedy.