The Latest London Bars That People Should Try Out

If you are thinking about visiting London to check out the bar scene, remember to prepare well in advance to make the most out of your experience.

London, which is the capital of England, is globally renowned for its lively and diverse bar scene, among other attractions. With a plethora of stunning bars scattered all over the city, including over 400 in the borough of Westminster alone, visitors travel from far and wide to check out the nightlife in London. With this in mind, let’s explore some of the latest London bars that people should try out to see if they are worth the hype.

Firstly, for those who are thinking of visiting London and are wondering if there are any bars worth visiting, there is certainly no shortage of drinking spots to check out. With many of the bars in London, the thrill doesn’t just lie in the act of taking a drink. Instead, the excitement is generated by the overall experience you get when you enter one of these lively bars.

One bar in London that is visited by regulars and other people from all over the world is All Bar One on New Oxford Street. Perfect for those who want to enjoy a drink in style, this bar provides the right blend of food, drink, and atmosphere at any time of day. In fact, this bar is the perfect setting for when you want to play casino games as its luxurious decor and friendly service will make you feel as if you are in a traditional brick and mortar casino. You will find this bar easily as it is near the Dominion Theatre, Drury Lane, Shaftesbury Avenue and Tottenham Court Rd which offers tourists the chance to try out a range of activities.

Furthermore, Mu is another fantastic bar that is worth checking out if you find yourself in Lindon. Discreetly tucked away, this is an exquisitely neat, sleek jazz bar with a vast number of natural wines and a tight menu of traditional-leaning cocktails. This bar goes down a treat with music fans in particular as it regularly hosts gigs and performances which people can tune into while they have fun with their friends. They also offer a range of cocktails to suit every type of drinker.

Of course, Bar Crispin, Soho is loved by many people who visit London. It is a funky natural-wine bar with a serious snack list in a prime spot in central London. London is well known as a busy city with lots to do. However, this bar is the perfect sanctuary for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of London. Located in the vibrant streets of Soho, London, it is the epitome of both modernity and the old-world. Hailed for creating a cosy atmosphere, its menu also allows people to indulge in a range of dishes including speciality cheeses as well as fine wines and craft beers. Whatever foods you are into, this bar is sure to have something that will suit your taste palette.

In addition, for those who want to blow off some steam with their friends, Dram Bar is ideal for a casual night out. Spanning across three floors, it houses two bars, a whisky shop, an outdoor terrace, a private pool room and a ready-to-drink cocktail vending machine. It also serves coffee in the morning before transforming into a hearty bar by night, serving seasonal cocktails and small plates, making it the perfect blend for coffee enthusiasts and party goers.

Particularly popular with those who are siting London for the first time, the Shard Bar offers a truly unique, special and spectacular experience for those who enter its doors. This iconic skyscraper is hailed as the tallest building in the United Kingdom. With spectacular views of the London skyline, this bar allows you to take in the breathtaking beauty of London from a height. You are sure to get a photo opportunity at this location. Even its interior is something to behold with its modern designs and floor-to-ceiling windows which allow the light to grace you as you sit. Not only does it allow you to glimpse iconic landmarks, but it also boasts a range of crafted cocktails that blend together classic tastes with brand new techniques and excellent service to top it all off.

Overall, London is the perfect destination for those who want to try out a range of new bars. From All Bar One and Mu to Bar Crispin and Dram Bar, London’s bar scene is constantly evolving, offering exciting experiences for both locals and tourists. Whether you are on the hunt for a suave city bar or a unique sports bar, London has plenty to offer for those who are willing to broaden their horizons. If you are thinking about visiting London to check out the bar scene, remember to prepare well in advance to make the most out of your experience.