The new £1.2 million Love Island mansion boasts a zip line and an Olympic-sized pool

The winter season of Love Island will be hosted by Maya Jama, and it will feature gladiator-style competitions in a villa with an Olympic size swimming pool.

Winter Love Island will return to our screens in 2023, as has been officially confirmed.

The next season of the ITV show will have a retro vibe with challenges in a Gladiator style, with fresh images of the South African villa, despite the fact that the majority of islanders were not even born in the 1990s.

At the magnificent estate, competitors will even have access to their own running track and an Olympic-sized pool for training.

The series’ creators wanted extra challenges so much that they spent an estimated £1.2 million renting the opulent estate for the winter season.

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At the magnificent property, which is named Ludus Magnus after the Ancient Roman gladiator school, islanders will have to battle for love.

As the new season heats up, islanders can practise on the rugby and football fields on the expansive 25-acre estate.

Islanders can also explore the villa’s lovely surroundings, which include several mountain bike routes, river rapids, and a zip line, if they are still feeling brave.

Contestants can relax in the treehouse at the property, which has a balcony with views of the valley close to Cape Town, as they rest up for the most recent task.

Due to the South African villa’s 17 bedrooms, all of which have been renovated over the last two years, there will be more islanders than ever before.

The eco-friendly dream home of owners Regis and Ilaria Maniora took a tremendous amount of time to build. It also features resident rescue donkeys.

High-level triathletes husband and wife originally intended to use the land as their own training facility until ITV producers got in touch with them.

ITV executives reportedly paid £8,000 per day to rent the entire estate of Ludus Magnus in order to film a new series there. They then hired crews of gardeners and builders to get the place camera-ready.