Twitter employees suffer fresh blow under Elon Musk

Twitter is letting go of Slack, a chat tool specifically designed for corporates.

According to recent reports from Platformer, Elon Musk’s Twitter is taking measures to reduce expenses and increase revenue.

This has included laying off over 50% of its global workforce, selling off excess office equipment, and giving up office space.

As part of these cost-cutting efforts, Twitter has decided to reconsider its subscription-based software expenses, including the chat tool Slack, which is typically used by businesses.

Additionally, there have been reports of issues with the progress tracker tool Jira, which left several Twitter employees unable to chat or work on code, resulting in most engineers taking the day off.

Following reports of Twitter employees losing access to Slack, some turned to Bind, an anonymous workplace chat app, to express their frustrations.

One anonymous employee stated that the issue was due to the company failing to pay its Slack bill, leading to a decrease in productivity among staff.

The worker also commented that the decision to cut costs in this manner was “penny wise, pound foolish.”

Another anonymous employee described the loss of Slack access as the “proverbial final straw,” suggesting that it was the last in a series of frustrating events that had affected morale in the workplace.

The report highlights that the loss of access to Slack not only affected productivity among Twitter employees, but also resulted in the loss of years of chat data.

However, it is reported that Elon Musk may introduce Mattermost, Slack’s rival, as an alternative for Twitter workers.

Mattermost is currently used by employees at Tesla, another company owned by Musk.

In addition to the issue with Slack, Twitter has also reportedly failed to pay rent for its San Francisco and London offices, prompting legal action from landlords, according to a recent report.

A similar situation has also been reported at Twitter’s Singapore office, where the landlord apparently asked Twitter employees to vacate the premises.

As a result, Twitter employees have been forced to work from home in these locations. In India, Twitter has reportedly opted for co-working spaces in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru, rather than maintaining its own offices.

As part of its efforts to increase revenue, Twitter has reportedly auctioned off various office items, including furniture, Apple Macs, a coffee maker, and Twitter memorabilia.

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