UK Royal Family suffers sharp drop in popularity

According to surveys, there were no winners in the tragic repercussions from Prince Harry's biography Spare.

Since last December, public opinion of all the royals has declined, with the Prince and Princess of Wales suffering the sharpest decline.

Since December 22, Prince William, the successor to the throne, has lost 8 percentage points in popularity, while his wife Kate has lost 7 points along with Prince Harry. 

Less than a quarter of Britons, according to data from Ipsos Mori, have a favourable opinion of the Duke of Sussex, but Prince William, his brother, has taken the brunt of the backlash.

Despite the fact that 60% of those surveyed by Ipsos Mori stated they approved of the Prince and Princess of Wales, this is unsettling news for a monarchy that has seen numerous scandals in recent years.

With the exception of the Queen Consort, whose ratings did not change, all members of the Royal Family were reported to be less popular recently than they had been in December.

With a 61% approval rating, Prince William is still the most popular. Kate and Princess Anne are tied for second place with 60%.

King Charles received 51% of the vote, while only 10% of respondents said they had a “favourable” opinion of the Duke of York, placing Prince Andrew at the bottom of the popularity rankings.

Following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and the release of the Sussexes’ Netflix documentary, the Royal Family has experienced a turbulent few months.

Meanwhile, 53% of those surveyed claimed to have negative views of Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan the Duchess of Sussex (55 per cent).

According to a recent MailOnline poll, 56% of respondents think the pair should lose all of their royal patronages and titles. The couple is also losing popularity in the UK.

The monarchy itself is declining in popularity among young people.

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