Usyk’s Ready To Fight Project Delivers a Knockout: Mike Tyson Joins the Team & RTF Token Lands on Four Exchanges

Ready to Fight (RTF) is a groundbreaking social network built on its own blockchain infrastructure.

In a major coup for Ready To Fight (RTF), the highly anticipated boxing social network co-founded by heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk, the legendary Mike Tyson has officially come on board as a brand ambassador. This exciting development not only adds to the project’s credibility but also solidifies its position within the boxing world.

Additionally, the RTF community is eagerly anticipating the listing of its native RTF token on four major exchanges. This exciting news further propels RTF towards wider recognition and success in both the sports and cryptocurrency realms. It’s essential to stay informed about this groundbreaking project as it emerges as a rising star in the world of sports and digital currencies.

A Boxing Icon Endorses RTF Empowering Fighters Through Innovative Technology

Ready to Fight (RTF) is a groundbreaking social network built on its own blockchain infrastructure, providing a platform for amateur and professional fighters to connect with promoters, agents, coaches, sponsors, and a wide range of specialists and services. This unique two-way interaction fosters mutually beneficial opportunities for earning and personal development within the boxing industry. By acting as an intermediary, the RTF platform facilitates valuable connections between athletes and the vital support network necessary for their success.

Mike Tyson, renowned as one of the greatest boxers of all time, has joined RTF as a brand ambassador after recognizing its potential to enhance the lives of fellow sportsmen and drive increased participation in the sport. His involvement further highlights the promising future of RTF and its commitment to revolutionizing the boxing community.

A Star-Studded Team for a Pioneering Project

RTF isn’t just about big names; it’s about building a better future for boxing. Their impressive team of advisors includes industry leaders like WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman, boxing equipment mogul Russ Anber, and rising star Sky Wee. With this level of expertise guiding the project, RTF is poised to revolutionize the sport.

Mass Adoption on the Horizon: Presale Closes, Exchange Listings Incoming

Early funding rounds for RTF filled up fast, showcasing the immense interest surrounding the project. However, there’s still a chance to get involved. Project`s public presales are happening now on various launchpads, so don’t miss out. The excitement continues on  April 24th, as the native RTF token is scheduled to list on four major cryptocurrency exchanges, including industry giants. This widespread accessibility will be a major catalyst for user adoption.

Empowering Boxers, Redefining the Industry

Ready To Fight is more than just a social media platform; it’s a complete ecosystem designed to empower boxers and industry professionals. Here’s a glimpse into what RTF offers:

  • Connecting boxers with opportunities: RTF facilitates connections between fighters and trainers, coaches, promoters, sponsors, and other crucial figures in their careers. This two-way interaction creates a breeding ground for success.
  • Building a thriving community: the RTF social network fosters a passionate community where boxing enthusiasts can connect, share knowledge, and stay updated on the latest happenings in the sport.
  • The RTF token fueling the ecosystem: the native RTF token underpins all transactions within the platform, enabling secure and seamless payments for services, equipment, and even fan donations to support boxers.

A Look Ahead: Innovation at Every Corner

The RTF team is dedicated to pushing boundaries. Their plans include:

  • RTF Chain: A dedicated blockchain built specifically for the needs of the sports and entertainment industries.
  • SubRing: A unique SocialFi platform where fans can invest in fighters’ futures by purchasing “Rates” (digital assets) that grow in value alongside the boxer’s success.
  • Web3 Integration: A user-friendly Web3 wallet allows users to experience the power of blockchain technology without a steep learning curve.
  • Online Training Camp: Aspiring boxers can train alongside champions like Usyk himself through this innovative virtual coaching platform.

Join the Movement: Become Part of the RTF Revolution

With heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk at the helm, a star-studded advisory board, and a comprehensive ecosystem designed to empower all stakeholders, Ready To Fight is poised to redefine the boxing industry. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this groundbreaking movement. Visit the RTF website today to learn more and join the ever-growing community.