Walkouts are ‘killing off struggling firms’ as strike mayhem grips the UK

Experts warn that the growing strike crisis in Britain might have "dire ramifications" for struggling businesses.

Militant union officials yesterday promised to keep up the damaging strike for months, denying they are out of money.

If the government attempts to limit their influence, unions have vowed to continue dragging Britain to a stop. 

One has even threatened legal action against the government.

Due to two unions going on strike for five days this week, up to 80,000 trains could be cancelled, which will prevent millions of people from going back to work following the holiday break.

Business leaders issued a dire warning yesterday night, saying the strikes might cripple already struggling companies if workers are unable to report for work.

“There’s obviously an influence,” asserted Alan Soady of the Federation of Small Businesses. Small businesses suffer as a result of strikes.

They are the ones who suffer from damaged businesses. Due to a factor outside of their control, they are losing money.

“Take it into the context of everything else that has gone on – they are facing the biggest tax burden in 70 years, soaring energy bills and the impact of the pandemic and the lockdowns. Those who had reserves, that has all gone.”

“Ultimately, it will lead to some having to close or downsize as a cumulative effect of what has happened.”

“Travel disruption during the all-important holiday shopping season may have disastrous effects for firms already suffering against strong economic headwinds,” a Confederation of British Industry official said.

This week, when RMT workers and drivers in the Aslef union organise walkouts, there will be a new round of strikes that will wreck travel plans.

On January 3, 4, 6, and 7, 40,000 RMT employees at Network Rail and 14 train operating firms will go on strike, shutting down the majority of rail services throughout the nation.

Services will be severely impacted by Thursday’s one-day driver strike. It is advised that passengers only travel if absolutely essential.

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