West Ham Stunned: Ward-Prowse’s England Snub Despite Stellar Form Raises Eyebrows

The situation is puzzling for West Ham, and they can't fathom Southgate's rationale behind not picking the in-form midfielder.

In a recent exclusive revelation, Fabrizio Romano shared that West Ham United is bewildered by Gareth Southgate’s decision to exclude James Ward-Prowse from the latest England squad.

This sentiment comes from the Hammers camp, especially in light of Ward-Prowse’s commendable performance since the start of the season.

Ward-Prowse, 28, made a significant move from Southampton to West Ham United during the summer. His transition has been seen as a brilliant acquisition for the Hammers. However, despite his impressive form, he hasn’t made his mark in the England team setup.

The situation is puzzling for West Ham, and they can’t fathom Southgate’s rationale behind not picking the in-form midfielder.

Speaking on the matter, Romano quoted sources from the club, stating, “West Ham insiders are genuinely shocked that Ward-Prowse didn’t make it to the England selection.

The prevalent sentiment was that, given his outstanding performance, he would feature in the England lineup.

It’s not only a surprise for the club but also a disappointment for his teammates who viewed this as a golden chance for him. Nonetheless, he is likely to persevere and keep pushing.”

As the season progresses, all eyes will be on Ward-Prowse.

If he continues to showcase this caliber of play, it would be hard to ignore his potential contribution at the international stage.

Many believe that he isn’t just capable of playing for England but could be a pivotal starter for the national team.