Will Elon Musk buy Manchester United?

The Glazers, who own Manchester United, are considering selling the team outright this month.

One of the richest persons in the world, Elon Musk, is apparently “watching the situation” regarding the sale of Manchester United and may make an offer to purchase the team.

The Glazers have set a flexible deadline of this Friday for potential bids.

The only person who has publicly expressed interest in purchasing the club from the Glazers is Sir Jim Ratcliffe.

However, there is reportedly a lot of interest from US investors as well as organisations established in Qatar.

According to the Daily Mail, Musk might join them in the bidding process.

The internet tycoon ‘likes’ United, according to reports, and is considering making a formal bid for the team.

According to the report, Musk reportedly doesn’t want to pass up the chance to potentially invest in one of the largest football teams in the world.

Musk tweeted, “I’m buying Manchester United ur welcome,” just a few months ago.

The tweet was immediately popular among throngs of Manchester United supporters on social media.

Just four hours later, Musk stated that his tweet was a “long-running joke.” 

Musk continued, “I’m not investing in any sports franchises.”

According to reports, the Glazers want £6 billion for a complete sale, while they are apparently open to the possibility of maintaining the majority of the company.

According to rumours, Joel and Avram Glazer are reportedly considering buying out their siblings.

Given that QSI owns Paris Saint-Germain, bids from Qatar will probably undergo a thorough review.

Any attempt from Qatar would need to come from a group or a single person because UEFA regulations prohibit football club owners from owning majorities in more than one club.

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