Your Ultimate Summer Guide to London 

When visiting London, make sure your energy levels are as high as possible, as you’ll need plenty of stamina for all the sightseeing you have to do. 

Spending summer in London is one of the best ways to ensure you’ll have an unforgettable vacation during which you don’t only get to relax, but also experience incredible things. London is one of the most important, vibrant and stunning cities in the world, combining incredible architecture with an endless number of events, shops, museums and restaurants so that you’ll never feel bored during your trip. In fact, you’re more likely to be left with many things still on your bucket list and feel compelled to return to the city next year as well. 

If you’re still looking for spots to add to your itinerary, consider some of the following. 

Hampstead Heath 

This ancient heath shows signs of habitation dating back to the Mesolithic, around 7000 BCE and is one of the most popular places to visit nowadays if you’re looking for a getaway in nature. Hampstead Heath has been featured extensively across pop culture, appearing in both novels and films. The location spans roughly 800 acres and offers a panorama of the city from where you can spot London Eye, St Paul’s and BT Tower. Visit the thirty ponds, the former Caen Wood Towers, Kenwood House, Hampstead Heath Woods and Golders Hill Park. The last one includes a small zoo that hosts eagle owls, South American coatis, lemurs, donkeys, and white-cheeked turacos. 


It wouldn’t be a genuine summer holiday without dropping by the beach at least once. But wait, how can you go to the beach while you are in London? If you’ve never tried them, this is the perfect time to try urban beaches. Make sure to bring adequate attire, since although you won’t get into the sea, you still want to be as comfortable as possible. Men’s swimming shorts come in a variety of colours, prints, and materials, including stripes, florals, and geometric patterns, and are the best option for lounging in the sand and enjoying a few cocktails. Some locations also provide parties, day beds, beach huts, mini golf and yoga sessions. Some options include Ruislip Lido Beach, The Beach Brent Cross, and Limin’ Beach. 

City farm 

If you’re travelling with children, there’s just no way you can miss out on the opportunity to visit a London city farm. You might be surprised to learn it, but London is actually home to a considerable number of farm animals, meaning that you get the opportunity to see them up close as well. At Mudchute Park and Farm in Cubitt Town, you can join horse riding lessons or bring some food and have a picnic on the hills. At Hounslow Urban Farm, you can meet and feed the animals, including ducks, goats, cows, rabbits, geese and alpacas. 

Taste of London 

The Taste of London festival celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, and you can drop by if you’re in the city between June 12th and 16th. It is an excellent opportunity to sample London’s restaurant scene and try some incredible dishes, both local and international. Korean barbecue, Italian pasta and pizza, osso bucco ravioli, lobster, gelato, sashimi, chicken wings, salmon with pickled onions, Vietnamese spring rolls, rice balls and Argentinian shortbread sandwiches with dulce de leche filling are some of the many dishes you can try at the festival. Apart from the food, the general vibe and festival atmosphere are a perfect addition to any summer holiday. Taste of London takes place in Regent’s Park. 

West End

The West End is the highest level of theatre in the English-speaking world, alongside Broadway in New York City. Seeing a play on this famous London stage is a common tourist activity in the capital, one you shouldn’t miss out on. Until August 3rd, you can see a production of Shakespeare’s classic “Romeo and Juliet” starring Tom Holland in his first stage role since his days as a child actor. Francesca Amewudah-Rivers will play Juliet, while the general aesthetic of the play is said to be more stripped-back and modern. Fans of director Jamie Lloyd’s work could enjoy one of his more maximalist creations last year with “Sunset Boulevard”, as well as a hip-hop rendition of Cyrano in 2022.  

Royal Academy

The Royal Academy is hosting its 256th Summer Exhibition this year between the 18th of June and the 18th of August. Tickets range between £22 and £24.50 to see the biggest submission exhibition in the world, which has been held without interruption since 1769. Anyone can enter their works for inclusion in the exhibition. Sculptor Ann Christopher will serve as the curator this year, sifting through all the works. You will see plenty of familiar names, as well as artwork from the thousands of entrants from all over the country. New members of the Royal Academy are also expected to have works on display. 


London is home to numerous museums, and it would be a pity if you don’t take the time to visit at least a few of them. The Victoria and Albert Museum, often abbreviated as V&A, hosts the most extensive collection of decorative and applied arts items worldwide, with a permanent collection of well over two million items. While only about 300,000 of them are on display at any given time, that means there’s still a lot for you to see, including 17th-century kimonos, portrait miniatures and sculptures by Rodin and Michelangelo. The British Museum is also a must-see, with the leading galleries being completely free of charge to explore.

The sheer size of the museum is outstanding, comprising artefacts from numerous countries and regions and all time periods. The Lyres of Ur, the Rosetta Stone, items from the Palace of Knossos, the Crouching Venus, Assyrian palace reliefs, Human Headed Winged Lions, the Standard of Ur, prints belonging to Bosch, Botticelli, Raphael, Dur5er, Rembrandt and J.M.W. Turner, the Sutton Hoo helmet, Chinese ceramics and southern Indian sculptures are just a few of the most important things, but there are many more available. There’s no better history lesson in the world. 

When visiting London, make sure your energy levels are as high as possible, as you’ll need plenty of stamina for all the sightseeing you have to do.