Breaking: UK hospital evacuated, bomb squad enters to investigate

In connection with concerns of a possibly suspicious package being discovered at a hospital in Leeds, a 27-year-old man has been detained.

Early on Friday morning, the bomb squad entered the Gledhow Wing at St. James’ University Hospital.

Patients have been evacuated from various ward sections, while a substantial police perimeter was put in place.

West Yorkshire Police (WYP), speaking on behalf of Counter Terrorism Policing North East, released a statement as the developments took place.

The terrorism taskforce sent out personnel with “access to specialist capabilities” because of the nature of the situation.

To determine the exact circumstances behind the incident, investigations are still being conducted.

Emergency services were called to a possibly suspicious item outside the Gledhow Wing of St. James’ Hospital, Beckett Street, Leeds, earlier this morning, according to a Counter Terrorism Policing North East spokesperson.

“A cordon has been established as a safety precaution for the general public, and army personnel are on the scene to conduct a routine examination.”

“Due to the nature of the occurrence, CTP North East has dispatched resources with access to specialised expertise to assist in uncovering all the facts surrounding the incident.”

Some people were removed from the area as a safety measure.

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