British Foreign Secretary Urges Israel to Respect International Law and Prioritize Civilian Lives in Gaza

This plea emphasizes the UK's commitment to minimizing harm and promoting responsible conduct in the region.

British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly emphasized the UK’s stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict during his address at the Cairo Peace Summit hosted by Egypt.

Cleverly underscored the importance of Israel’s adherence to international law, protection of civilian lives in Gaza, and restraint in its military actions.

Cleverly began by affirming Israel’s right to self-defense and the pursuit of the release of individuals kidnapped on October 7. This statement reflects the UK’s consistent position on these matters.

However, he also stressed that this right must be balanced with efforts to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people in Gaza and ensure that all actions taken by Israel align with international legal standards.

In the face of challenging circumstances, Cleverly called for discipline, professionalism, and restraint from the Israeli military.

This plea emphasizes the UK’s commitment to minimizing harm and promoting responsible conduct in the region.

Furthermore, Cleverly acknowledged the need for the international community to collaborate in preventing the situation in Gaza from escalating into a regional conflict, echoing concerns that this is what Hamas desires.

He emphasized the collective duty to work together to prevent instability and the loss of more lives in the region.

In a final and resolute statement, Cleverly emphasized the objective of ensuring that Hamas does not emerge victorious in this conflict.

Instead, he advocated for the triumph of peaceful coexistence.

This declaration reflects the UK’s commitment to promoting a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, where both parties can live side by side in harmony.

In summary, James Cleverly’s speech at the Cairo Peace Summit reaffirms the UK’s position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, emphasizing Israel’s right to self-defense while urging restraint, adherence to international law, and the alleviation of suffering in Gaza.

The speech also underscores the importance of international cooperation to prevent further escalation and promote peaceful coexistence in the region.