Daniel Levy Affirms Loyalty to Tottenham Hotspur Amidst Investment Considerations

Levy further emphasized that the club is run with a focus on shareholders' interests, and they would be open to serious propositions.

Daniel Levy, the long-serving chairman of Tottenham Hotspur, has emphasized his commitment to the club while acknowledging his responsibility to consider potential investment offers.

Over his 23-year tenure, Levy has overseen significant developments such as the construction of the club’s stadium and training complex, although he has faced criticism from some fans due to the club’s limited trophy success during his tenure.

In recent weeks, Levy has been more publicly engaged than usual, participating in meetings with the Fan Advisory Board and addressing fans’ questions at the forum. In an interview with Bloomberg, he discussed his future and the possibility of selling a stake in the club, stating,

“I’ve got no real interest to leave Tottenham, but I have a duty to consider anything that anyone may want to propose.

It’s not about me, it’s about what’s right for the club.”

Levy further emphasized that the club is run with a focus on shareholders’ interests, and they would be open to serious propositions.

While Levy and his family own just under 30% of the club’s controlling share, he disclosed that offers from various regions, including the Middle East, Far East, and the US, had been received but deemed unsuitable for shareholders.

Regarding the departure of all-time leading goal scorer Harry Kane to Bayern Munich, Levy revealed that the club has a buy-back clause, allowing them the option to repurchase him should he choose to return to the Premier League.

Levy also discussed the naming rights deal for the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, acknowledging that finding the right partner and deal has been challenging.

However, he noted that the priority for such a deal has diminished over time, indicating their willingness to consider it if the right opportunity arises.

With the appointment of Scott Munn as the chief football officer and the arrival of head coach Ange Postecoglou, Levy expressed confidence in the club’s philosophy of nurturing talent from the academy rather than relying on lavish spending.

He highlighted the need for a manager aligned with this approach, emphasizing that Tottenham aims to compete while acknowledging its financial constraints.

In summary, Daniel Levy remains dedicated to Tottenham Hotspur but is open to considering investment propositions in the best interest of the club.

He underscores the importance of prudent financial decisions and a commitment to the club’s philosophy in an era when football is dominated by mega-rich teams.

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