Elon Musk explains why he unblocked everyone, except this one group

Elon Musk announced he unblocked everyone on Twitter and considers negative comments to be constructive.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk announced on Saturday that he has unblocked everyone, claiming that “negative feedback is a positive thing.”

The billionaire made it clear that, with the exception of scammers, everyone he has ever blocked on Twitter has now been unblocked.

On 25th February, Musk tweeted, “I have unblocked everyone I blocked, apart from scammers. I recommend others do the same. Negative feedback is a good thing.”

The Economic Times reported that since acquiring the microblogging service last year, Musk has changed a number of things, including what happens on his own personal Twitter account.

For instance, the Tesla CEO locked his Twitter profile earlier this month for a full 24 hours to see how account privacy affected the reach of both private and public tweets.

The 51-year-old claimed that the examination revealed several flaws in the Twitter system that the social media platform intends to address and correct soon.

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